We Decide When We Die

Gema Ramirez
Jun 5 · 5 min read
Photo by Letizia Bordoni on Unsplash

I saw death very close recently. My 88 years old mother was taken very ill to the emergency services. After the first hours, her situation was not critical anymore and she was taken to a bed in the hospital. She improved a little and then she went downhill at thunder speed. So much so that at some point in the days that followed, it felt she was not going to make it. She was absent, stopped smiling, stopped talking, stopped having any interest with the outside world. She slept most of the time and her health was deteriorating rapidly. She was not my mother any more, but a body fed alive by plastic tubes in an stranger bed.

Lying in the hospital chair that had become the confident of my solitude, one night I cried my eyes out thinking of the possible passing of my mother that felt so imminent. And then I heard it. The voice of my soul reminding me very loud and clear that this moment was my reality, that I create my reality with every thought and my soul asked what did I want? Did I want to resign and see my mother hopelessly consume her life in her hospital bed, not ever smiling at me again? Or was I prepared to take the lead and bring her back to life, in my reality, by choosing life before death?

This was the moment I saw it… We live in a world created by thought where death is also just a thought and like everything else in our made up reality, even imminent death can be reversed if we choose to choose a different thought.

I decided then to speak to my mother. We had spoken about death before many times, it´s a subject we are accustomed to and one we have discussed sometimes. Neither me nor my mum are scared of death, we accept if fully, so it was not difficult to ask her.

I waited for the right moment when she felt a bit more awake and then I asked the question:

“Mum, are your preparing to leave? Have you given up? Because if you are, I want to know, to prepare myself and to make it easier for you by letting you go. But if you don´t want to go and you just have forgotten how much I love you and how much I want you stay, then you have to know I don´t want you to leave. So what´s going to be? What are you choosing? Are you choosing to think about how ill you are and die or are you choosing to recover and live?”

“I don´t want to leave”, she said. She told me she was very happy living her life with me now that I came back home to be with her and in spite of being in constant pain and becoming more and more dependent on my care, she wanted to live very much so.

“I don´t want you to go either, mum”, I said to her. “If you are sure you want it, then stay, make the decision, get better, you can do it. Pray, connect with your soul and decide to get better and live. Stay with me.”

Next day she started to wake up a little. She became more responsive to treatment and slept less during the day. It was the day after that when she finally woke up of her deep sleep, her eyes wide open and she started to look around as if it was the first time she had seen the hospital room… it probably was. She started smiling, talking to people and telling stories. I had my mother back. The day after that, the doctor said she had made an incredible recovery and that she could go home.

Back home, she had the best night sleep she has had for a long time.

More than ever, I am convinced that you die when you decide to leave. Those who say that want to die, have probably forgotten the reasons why they are here, the people they love and who love them back, the dreams, the connections, the beauty and joy of the world…

Most people who say that they want to die have forgotten that they don´t really want to die… yet… they probably want their circumstances to change… what they want is a change of their circumstances, the want the things that are not going well in their realities to change, but they don´t want to die, they want a new way of living, they want to be happier.

These people who say that they want to die have also forgotten that they have the power to change those circumstances, that even when death seems close and they feel their time has arrived, a new reality can be created where they can come back and live a bit longer, surrounded by those they love. If death can be reversed just by thought, anything in life can. No circumstance is so obscure that cannot be changed by the power of our thoughts and intentions. All we have to do is belief and see that we are Consciousness, living life according to the Thoughts we choose to project and that when choose to live life from the perspective of the Universal Mind, the Creative Force that lies within Life itself, all possibilities are now real and we can choose a new life… every time.

There is a deep peace, immense love and strong joy in our household… the peace brought by the connection to the depths of your souls, knowing that the soul is in charge and that every thought can either bring the heavenly life that our soul wishes for us or the hell that our uncontrolled minds can create for us.

Whatever it is you believe happens after death is irrelevant… while you are here what if you choose LIFE, choose JOY, choose WELLBEING, choose PEACE, choose LOVE, choose those things that make your Heart tickle with GRACE.

Life is flowing through you and living life as you. Honour it every moment by choosing gratefully to live fully present each moment.

Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash

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