From our part, we create RFI using Google Form (or TYPEFORM) to reduce the process to a lower time consuming for all ! So we can enlarge the RFI process to more audience and providers, because getting back a single XLS file compiling all answers, can auto-display graphical…

Answering predefined question, is a quick process for vendors, and in exchange their participation, we give back the result all answers (anonymously) so they can see their own position, from others.

We also try to bring better question than only price consider. How many people, which country, education engagement, or not…

We also put those questions under ‘Creative commons’ BY-SA so we can improve them with others organisations, vendors, or consumers, or associations...

By the way, we still have RFP, but that is: “We select your organisation following previous RFI, thanks to send us your proposal”. That is mostly enough because we already ask the main questions, and don’t need any more information.

Currently, our ‘digital study organization’ ICT-a.ch is able to process a standard RFI for 500 €.



Le réseau des experts indépendants du digital pour des tranformations informatiques durables et responsables.

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Pascal Kotté

Réducteur de fractures numériques, éthicien digital, Suisse romande.