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Consensus Update #1 — New Year Releases and 2018 Wrap Up

Dustin Plett
Jan 10, 2019 · 5 min read
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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to the whole Consensus community! The Consensus team is excited to be back to work in what will be an exciting 2019. We look forward to working with you, and for you, in the coming 12 months.

Before we get into our updates, some house keeping. Moving forward all updates will be numbered so it’s easier for everyone to stay current on what’s happening at Consensus. This will be update #1, the following will be #2, and, as per the laws of chronology, the next will be #3, and so forth.

If you have any questions or comments about the project or something you’ve read here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in our Telegram group.

Wallet and Mining Tools Release

We’re happy to announce the completion of a number of foundational infrastructure projects we will be releasing today. Both the updated Sentient GUI wallet with an improved built-in miner, as well as our first mining pool, are now available.

As of today, everyone, with any of the three main desktop operating systems, will be able to earn SEN mining through the GUI’s connection to our pool. Even with low hash rates, you will earn SEN and your CPU and GPU will power and secure the Sentient network. You can find out more here. This is a critical step in growing the breadth of our network and an important step towards consumer adoption.

The focus of 2018 had been on laying the groundwork for the Consensus platform we will build from in 2019, this includes citizen facing Consensus mobile applications and government facing data aggregation, visualization, and analysis tools.

We will be sharing prototypes of these applications in the coming months in our Telegram group.

New Website

Along with these updates, we’ve also launched a new website. If you haven’t yet visited it yet, please do so now: . It includes an explainer video done by our friends at Vancouver based Kinetic Cuts. Please take a look and share with anyone who you feel may be interested in the project as a citizen, miner, or potential customer.

Proof-of-Compute Research

This month we will be publicly releasing the first in a series of technical papers detailing our research and progress surrounding Proof-of-Compute (PoC). This first paper describes how the Sentient network will be pivoting to PoC and will use the networks hash power to securely aggregate data.

The research paper has been circulating among a small group of peers and mathematicians close to the project and we are confident we’ve met the necessary scrutiny for a public release. This is a first step towards a more efficient and secure network that will allow for future machine learning to be done on-chain.

The research paper is currently under patent review and will be publicly available on the website shortly. Follow our Telegram channel for updates.

We are running research in tandem with the development of government and citizen facing applications and will be bringing the two threads together by the end of 2019. Read more about the research here in our December update.

Q4 Business Development Wrap Up

In November, we attended the Canadian Open Data Summit in Niagara Falls, Canada, hosted by Open Government, a branch of the Canadian federal government under the Chief Information Officer.

Consensus joined the conversation as a member of industry keenly interested in open data as a data source to power decision making. The event was followed by a meeting with Open Government leadership in Ottawa later in the month where we discussed how Consensus could support the Government of Canada by making these data sets more useful by identifying high value documents using Consensus AI tools.

While in Ottawa, we attended the Visegrad Group summit where member nations, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, with special attendance by Latvia and Estonia, presented why investing in their respected nations made sense for burgeoning and established technology companies.

After the event, Consensus spent the afternoon at the Slovakian embassy talking with their Canadian based economic leaders and the Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency about how Consensus could be plugged in to help make policy creation more efficient across various levels of government.

In December we also spent time in the US, speaking with state economic development and political leaders to flesh out details for our first pilot projects. We will have more updates about this exciting pilot project coming shortly.

It’s always been the goal of Consensus to get a working product live in a real world scenario as quickly as possible. Given an executive team well-versed with early stage startups and the importance of speed to market, securing a pilot partner has been a focus of the past six months.

We are on pace to have our first project live in less than one year from closing our fund raising round, putting us well ahead of schedule.

Forward Looking

As we spent time in December planning for 2019, there are a couple of major themes that will define the upcoming year.

The first is the initial commercial pilot projects, this will be the focus of the product and business development teams. The target for the pilot projects have been small jurisdictions with a strong desire for efficiency and a belief that citizen empowerment is key to a sustained healthy civil society. We have shortlisted a few potential pilot partners and will be making an announcement about this later in Q1.

Commercialization and practical projects using the Consensus platform is obviously central to the utility of the Sentient native coin. The primary focus of the team is long term, sustainable, project success. Right now, without utility, it is not imperative the Sentient native coin be listed on exchanges as this doesn’t serve the product, so this is not our focus. Listing will become a greater priority as we get closer to projects coming online. We appreciate the continued support of the project, and we appreciate the patience as we build for the long term.

The second theme defining 2019 will be the continued technical research surrounding the secure storage of data and computation on the Sentient network. Blockchain is a tool that makes what we’re building possible, it affords us the transparency and decentralization critical to the adoption of tools used by citizens to interact with government entities. However, we need to evolve blockchain to become more efficient, and that’s the goal of PoC.

Working with Consensus

We are now actively engaging with potential pilot partners. If your government organization at the city, state, or federal level is interested in working with Consensus, please reach out to our business development and strategy lead at

We will be happy to walk you though the Consensus solution and how it can be applied to your jurisdiction to add efficiency to planning and accelerate feedback loops between officials and citizens.

Consensus AI

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