Consensus Update #4 — City of South Burlington, Vermont Pilot Program Announced

Leigh Diprose
Apr 3, 2019 · 4 min read

Consensus AI is growing, and in this update, we have quite a few exciting announcements and developments.

Consensus AI Announce the First Government Pilot Project

Late in March 2019, the Consensus AI team signed an agreement with the City of South Burlington, Vermont to undertake a pilot project with 20,000 residents. The principal government pilot aims to allow for more effective, participatory democracy and collective governance for its’ residents.

The Consensus team will work with local government in Vermont to develop artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning in particular, to analyze data collected through various public and private data sources, such as climate and traffic patterns and user-collected information both direct and passive, at times possibly using incentives allocated through the Sentient Network to encourage user participation and accuracy of data.

The Consensus pilot project will challenge a number of hypotheses Consensus has, including what levels of citizen engagement to expect, incentive mechanisms, establishing trust, and most importantly, how much more efficient can governments be by accelerating decision making with the Consensus platform, says Consensus AI CSO, Dustin Plett

SOUTH BURLINGTON — March 2019 — From left: Dustin Plett, CSO Consensus AI; John Burton, Board Chair — Distributed Ledger Governance Association; Don Laackman, President at Champlain College; Kevin Dorn, City Manager, City of South Burlington; Chris Curtis, Staff Attorney at Vermont Legal Aid, Inc and David Thelander, Board Member, Distributed Ledger Governance Association.

Upon the initial rollout of the pilot, Consensus will deploy industry-leading distributed ledger technology to encrypt and protect the personal information and other data contributed by the citizens.

The security and privacy of this data is most important. To protect it, Consensus will utilize, among other industry standard data protection practices, its proprietary discrete log problem (DLP) data collection algorithm — a part of the updated Sentient network protocol — for encryption and aggregation, giving users control over the data privacy at the same time providing ways to help citizens benefit from making the data available for city projects specifically aimed to serve and improve their communities.

Citizens can have a real impact on the decision making and community right from their cell phone. So we are very excited about this. I know that this council is committed to transparency, is committed to community input (and this smartphone app) is going to be instrumental in helping to achieve that goal, said City Manager Kevin Dorn to NBC5.

The agreement extends for one year. During this time, Consensus will collaborate with the City, namely the City Manager’s Office, by communicating information about how residents can download the Consensus application once it is available. Through the app, residents will be asked to participate in providing select information. Residents may receive a reward or incentive from within the app.

With the agreement signed, Consensus plan to roll out the mobile application in the coming months.

Conference Attendance

The Blockchain Symposium, Vermont

On Wednesday March 27th 2019 Consensus attended the Blockchain Symposium at Champlain College - Center for Communication and Creative Media. At the conference Consensus AI Oleg Gutsol, CEO and Dustin Plett, CSO met with Kevin Dorn, City Manager, City of South Burlington, Vermont to discuss the upcoming pilot project. During the meet and greet, Mr Dorn said the following about the project;

The Consensus pilot program is so important to us. We want to encourage the public to begin to engage more effectively with their local community leaders, and Consensus will help make that happen.

e-Governance Conference, Tallinn, Estonia

On the May 21-22nd 2019, Consensus AI will be in Tallinn, Estonia to meet with government decision makers and strategists from around the world implementing national e-Governance strategies.

With a drawcard of 25 international speakers including Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia, and Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda, among other world leaders planned across two days delegates will have an opportunity to interact with Consensus during allocated expo times. With the recent agreement announced in the US this is bound to bode well with delegates.

Other Media Mentions

Achieved Since Our Last Update:

  • Pilot projects aiming for launch in June.

On the Radar for Consensus AI

  • Building the Consensus mobile app to allow citizens to interact with governments.
  • Focusing on both iOS and Android builds for the Consensus app.
  • Planning on releasing the mining pool software and documentation for third parties to allow the external pool operators to add to SEN to their existing multi-coin pools.
  • Possible integration of bug bounties for developers as we ask more developers to contribute to the project.
  • Growth of the Consensus team (data science).
  • Attend conferences and have the team feature in interviews and podcasts.
  • Exchange listing in 2019.

We encourage you to share this exciting update to your own social channels — together we all grow.

Consensus AI

Achieving collective governance based on interdependence…

Thanks to Dustin Plett

Leigh Diprose

Written by

AI & Blockchain.

Consensus AI

Achieving collective governance based on interdependence using advanced tech. Sentient Network ( & Consensus Platform (

Leigh Diprose

Written by

AI & Blockchain.

Consensus AI

Achieving collective governance based on interdependence using advanced tech. Sentient Network ( & Consensus Platform (

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