How to Set Up the Sentient Wallet

This guide is created for people who have never set up the Sentient wallet app before.


How to start

Download the Sentient app for your operating system from and install it. Once you’ve downloaded the ZIP archive, unpack and launch the Sentient-UI file.

Step 1

After opening the Sentient app set a new password. It will be used to unlock your wallet.

Your password should comprise a minimum of 8 characters. Once it reaches 8 characters, the progress bar will turn green.

Step 2

Generate a ‘Seed’; this is a unique, mnemonic phrase allowing you to recover your wallet. Click on the ‘Generate a new seed’ button and this phrase will be automatically generated for you.

Important: Save this phrase in a safe place! If you lose it, you won’t be able to restore access to your wallet and all your funds will be lost.

Step 3

Enter the password that you created in Step 1.

Congratulations — your wallet has been created! Now you can generate public addresses, as well as sending and receiving funds.

How to use your wallet


By default, you will see a transactions tab. Once you have received an incoming transaction or sent outgoing funds a record will appear in this tab.


The second tab of your wallet comprises a list of your public addresses. To generate a new address, simply click on the ‘Generate New Address’ button at the top of the page. To copy an address, click on the icon to the right of the given address.

You can also name any address, so you can remember for what specific purpose it was generated; to do this, just click in the description field to the left of the generated address and input any name.


The third tab of your wallet allows you to send SEN to any Sentient network public address.

Important: Please do not send your native SEN coins to ETH-based wallets, such as MEW. We are working to add support for native SEN coins to major wallets, and will keep the community updated on our progress.

Note for the Airdrop participants

If you’ve claimed your airdrop SEN coins at the airdrop portal before August 3rd, 2018, your Sentient network address is already included in the Genesis block.

Quick steps:

  • Download the Sentient Wallet at and set it up;
  • Import your seed (the one we asked you to save in a safe place during the airdrop claim procedure):

Once it is done, you’ll be able to see your airdrop SEN coins in your Sentient wallet.

If you claim your airdrop SEN coins through the airdrop portal after the August 3rd, 2018, you’ll get your native SEN coins in a few days after completing the airdrop claim.

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