Sentient Miner v0.1.x Released

In preparation for pool mining of SEN on the Sentient Network we’ve updated our mining software command line tools with a completely new codebase based on Rob Van Mieghem’s GoMiner project. Written in GoLang (compared with C for our previous miner), this update includes the following improvements:

  • Stratum Protocol Support
    Allows you to connect to a TCP/Stratum URL for pool mining SEN
  • Faster Hash Rates
    Early tests show a 60% increase in reported hash rates on AMD hardware
  • Multi-GPU Device Compatible
    Run a single instance of the miner for rigs running multiple GPUs with the ability to disable specific devices or CPU

Latest release downloads for Sentient Miner can be found here


Command line examples below are using the Linux v0.1.0 executable. The same parameters apply regardless of operating system, simply update the executable name with your latest download version.

./sentient-miner-0.1.0-linux-amd64 <parameters>

Command Line Parameters:

-E string
Exclude devices: comma separated list of device numbers
-I int
Intensity (default 16). Mining GPUs such as AMD Radeon 580s work best around Intensity 28 and Nvidia 1080 hardware runs best around Intensity 29.
If set, won't use the CPU for mining. Uses all devices by default.
-url stratum+tcp://<host>:<port>
daemon or server host and port, for stratum servers, use stratum+tcp://<host>:<port> (default "localhost:9910")
-user string
username, most stratum servers take this in the form [payoutaddress].[rigname] (default "payoutaddress.rigname")
-v Show version and exit

Solo Mining Usage
To mine locally, a local daemon must be running first. Download the Sentient Network command line tools and execute the following:


Next, unlock the local wallet:

./sentientc wallet unlock

Now run the miner with the following parameters set (example sets the intensity to 28 for GPU mining — see notes above for optimal settings). By default your local daemon will be listening on port 9910:

./sentient-miner-0.1.0-linux-amd64 -url -I 28

Mining Pool Usage
Example command line parameters for connecting to a SEN mining pool on port 3333 using a SEN address as user name / payout address with an intensity setting of 28.

./sentient-miner-0.1.0-linux-amd64 -url stratum+tcp:// -user d91e800d9a186e2ca3b9aaaefebd7a4358d502a3b1e398a85a9093f6eda92abb7eb949dd14ae.worker1 -I 28