Announcing MythX at the Ethereal Hackathon

Earn prizes while helping the ecosystem grow, and potentially end up on stage too

We are excited to announce that MythX is part of the , a joint production between and .

The Ethereal Hackathon is a virtual hackathon, which runs from April 15th to April 30th, 2019.

Why we’re teaming up

The focus of this hackathon is building real, working, usable products, not just proofs-of-concept.

We have teamed up with Gitcoin and Microsoft to be a part of their hackathon because we believe we all share the same aims.

We seek to:

  • Build a world of openness
  • Empower all developers
  • Enable tools to allow our community help each other

Gitcoin lets you get paid for working on open source software, certainly something we can get behind. (Note that Gitcoin, along with MythX, are both parts of .)


We have come up with a number of challenges to entice you, as a developer, to join up with our cause and help make Ethereum safer. And as we believe that MythX can help foster the security-first mindset that Ethereum needs, we have created challenges that develop the MythX ecosystem.

We have five categories:

  1. — Build a library or contribute to an existing library to enable others to build tools on MythX more easily, such as Java, Golang, etc.
  2. — Enable developers to use MythX in continuous integration, such as a GitHub app that performs security checks on PRs, or an integration with CircleCI.
  3. — Build an extension or plugin that adds MythX security analysis to your favorite IDE or code editors such as Remix, Sublime Text, or Atom.
  4. — Build a web app for analyzing smart contracts that uses MythX. (Perhaps a web-based smart contract analyzer with nice reporting.)
  5. — Find a use for MythX that we haven’t thought of yet. Surprise us!

Winners in each of the above categories will earn 1,000 DAI. (If you didn’t know, , so that’s $1,000 for each of these challenges!)

While all of these challenges benefit the MythX community, this isn’t just about what’s in it for us. From the beginning, we have stayed committed to sharing the benefits of our service with those who have helped to make it so useful. This is why . And that’s in addition to the category prizes.

And it gets better. One select person or group will be flown to the (May 10–11) to receive their prize live and on stage! [As a member of the team and thus ineligible, I’m pretty envious of you on this one.]

Challenge accepted

, and as of the day this post goes live, the hackathon is on!

And even if you have to sit this one out, we hope you’ll get involved and join our community. While , usage of the MythX platform is totally free. You can perform security analysis on your Ethereum smart contracts right now, using tools you already use, . ()

Join our chat, follow us on , or . And we want to hear from you!

And as for those joining the hackathon, good luck!

More information:

ConsenSys Diligence

ConsenSys Diligence has the mission of solving Ethereum smart contract security. Contact us for an audit at

Thanks to Bernhard Mueller.

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ConsenSys Diligence

ConsenSys Diligence has the mission of solving Ethereum smart contract security. Contact us for an audit at