Never Too Early to talk “The Talk”

There are so many parts about being a parent that are truly terrifying. Midnight feeding frenzies, cracked nipples, up-the-back diaper blowouts, head lice outbreaks at daycare (!) – but all of those combined still don’t compare to the scariest event in your parenting life…talking to your kids about sex and sexuality!

Whether we were raised to be afraid of, ashamed of, or oblivious about sex, healthy and honest conversations around bodies and sexuality are some of the most powerful conversations we will ever have with our children.

I joined MomsRising and for an Early Ed Chat on Twitter about puberty, sex and parenting last week, and learned that if we want to put our kids first, we need to put their right to pleasure first too.

We discussed consent

Offered resources to share with kids about introducing sex and sexuality

Unpacked our own insecurities around having sex talks

And I shared my dream for what I want to teach kids about sex and sexuality

Sex-positive parenting is one of my greatest passions and biggest struggles. I never imagined explaining to my 7-year-old why his “wiener bone” is “so strong in the morning,” all with a straight face and before I’ve had my coffee! Knowing that there is a rad community of moms out there to support me through these important talks makes me a better (and more confident) parent.

Kenna is a sex educator and sex-positive parent. Follow her on Twitter for more parenting follies and occasional nuggets of wisdom.

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