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2021 Checklist — Consentium 2021年发展-嘉信

As we head to a new beginning in 2021, let’s find out what are some of the upcoming updates that our community can look forward to in the new year! 当我们迈向2021年的新起点时,让我们找出社区在新的一年中可以期待的一些即将到来的更新!

Consentium ecosystem went through numerous updates in 2020, with new partners, projects, app development and blockchain upgrade in place.

Find out more about Consentium’s 2020 highlights in this article:

As most of you are aware of, Consentium will be going through a complete upgrade for our upcoming App V3.0.

Our latest android app update included the beta version for our in-app C2C e-Commerce feature that allows users to buy and sell items with CSM token.

More information related to our e-Commerce platform can be found in this article:

In the first quarter of 2021, users can expect to see a revamped Consentium mobile application with new additional features.

On top of being a chat application, crypto wallet and eCommerce platform, users will be able to interact with all ERC20 tokens with our new open-source wallet integrated in app.

An open-source, Web 3.0 compliant crypto wallet will be integrated into the app.

Additionally, the wallet will enable users to connect to decentralized apps (DApp). With the launch of DApp, CSM users can easily access $EMOJI from the Consentium wallet with ease.

Wondering how will a web3 wallet integrated on Consentium will be a game-changer to the chat app and cryptocurrency industry? Look no further and check out this article:

With EMOJIS Farm launch towards the end of 2020, Consentium app will allow direct swap for CSM to CSMX in order for Consentium token holders to participate on EMOJIS Farm.

As most of you are aware, CSM is not an ERC-20 token. Our developers have successfully launched our proprietary blockchain, CSM Chain back in June 2020 and completed the migration from CSM (ERC20) to CSM Chain.

In order for existing Consentium community to leverage on EMOJIS farm protocol and earn rewards, we will be integrating a swap bridge in app. This will be aligned with our open-source web3 ERC20 wallet update.

CSM token holders will be able to swap to CSMX and trade with EMOJI. Users can also pair up CSMX & EMOJI to provide liquidity and earn rewards on EMOJIS farm. Reward given will be in CSMX-EMOJI Uniswap LP!

On top of swap integration, Consentium app will also be accepting $EMOJI tokens in app as default token for future use-cases.

Team is also working on implementing a NFT platform in the future for $EMOJI and Consentium users to trade NFTs and gamify the platform.

To find out more about our ecosystem platform EMOJIS farm, check out this article:

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Empowered by the community, Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Our integrated cryptocurrency wallet allows users to send and receive CSM, BTC, USDT and ETH. Within the same app, users can chat with friends and explore different groups of like-minded individuals. By integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into our chat app, users can now perform your transaction without the hassle of leaving the app.

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如您大多数人所知,嘉信将对我们即将推出的App V3.0进行大修。


符合Web 3.0要求的开源加密钱包将集成到该应用程序中。
此外,钱包将使用户能够连接到去中心化应用程序(DApp)。随着 的推出,CSM用户可以轻松地从嘉信钱包轻松采用$ EMOJI。


随着2020年底EMOJIS Farm的启动,嘉信应用将允许将CSM直接交换到CSMX,以便嘉信代币持有者参加EMOJIS Farm。

为了使现有的嘉信社区能够利用EMOJIS服务器场协议并获得奖励,我们将在应用程序中集成一个交换桥。这将与我们的开源Web3 3 ERC20钱包更新保持一致。

CSM代币持有者将能够交换到CSMX并与EMOJI进行交易。用户还可以将CSMX和EMOJI配对以提供流动性并在EMOJIS Farm上获得奖励。奖励将以CSMX-EMOJI Uniswap LP的提供!

除了交换集成之外,嘉信应用程序还将在应用程序中接受$ EMOJI作为将来用例的默认令牌。
团队还致力于在将来为$ EMOJI和嘉信用户部署NFT平台,以交易NFT并游戏化该平台。

要了解有关我们的生态系统平台EMOJIS Farm的更多信息,请查看以下文章:

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