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Becoming the World’s First Crypto Super-App — Consentium 成为世界上第一个加密超级应用程序 — 嘉信

Crypto wallet, chat, e-commerce and more to come in one app! 一款应用程序可提供加密钱包,聊天,电子商务等更多功能!

Super-apps are more than just an ‘application’ on smartphones. With the integration of a marketplace that offers various services and products that are delivered via in-house technology through a 3rd party, Super-apps are one of its kind. Take for instance, WeChat.

Its parent company, Tencent, has unbundled the traditional desktop OS, allowing WeChat to be the all-in-one application for a wide variety of services such as media sharing, social media, payments, calls, commerce and more. By offering a seamless, integrated, contextualised and efficient experience that is coupled with its own Slack-like corporate account, WeChat has gained its footing within the industry to become a renowned application that people would use daily. More often than not, the application will most likely be operating at the intersection of logistics or hyper-local delivery, commerce, payments and social. Hence, in order to become a Super-app, it needs at least two of these functions.

In this context, there are a rare few who possess the ability to build a new-age, mobile-first OS that can be categorised as a Super-app. And in the current cryptocurrency industry, there has yet to be a super-app. Till Consentium.


Consentium is a unique and revolutionary platform that is empowered by the community to bridge the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Through the integration of a cryptocurrency wallet with a chat function, Consentium has become an application where users are able to not only send and receive different cryptocurrencies, but also chat with friends and interact with different groups of like-minded individuals. These functions have thereby enabled users to perform transactions without the need of leaving the application, allowing the process to be hassle-free.

Furthermore, Consentium also enables users to track the global cryptocurrency market more efficiently by empowering them with unbiased, high quality and accurate information through the Crypto Market Watch function that is readily available within the application.


Consentium will be adopting an in-app e-commerce platform. Operating on a similar concept to Alibaba and Amazon, the in-app e-commerce platform that Consentium offers will be a consumer-to-consumer marketplace, where users are able to buy and sell with their existing CSM tokens. Undoubtedly, more features and services will be added to the platform in the future once there is a substantial user’s buy-in, to further increase and generate a loyal user base.

Once there are direct offerings, the next logical step would be to open up the application to third-party companies to build on the existing loyal user base. With that being said, it does not mean that there is a need to build a separate application. Instead, offerings can be hosted on a single Super-app, which in this case, Consentium aims to be. As the Super-app continues to grow and thrive in a sustainable environment, it can gradually evolve and become the new OS that everyone strives to model after. More information will be released soon! Meanwhile, we are not just stopping here. Super-app does not stop growing.

About Consentium
Empowered by the community, Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Our integrated cryptocurrency wallet allows users to send and receive CSM, BTC, USDT and ETH. Within the same app, users can chat with friends and explore different groups of like-minded individuals. By integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into our chat app, users can now perform your transaction without the hassle of leaving the app.

Join the Consentium family!
Download the beta version of our new Consentium app on iOS or Android today!

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Website: Consentium
Telegram channel: Consentium Official
Facebook: Consentium
Twitter: Consentium
Wechat: gh_ef8940467b01




呈现给你, 嘉信




嘉信将采用一个应用程序内电子商务平台。 嘉信提供的应用内电子商务平台以与阿里巴巴和亚马逊类似的概念运行,将成为一个消费者对消费者的市场,用户可以在其中使用现有的C币进行买卖。毫无疑问,一旦有大量用户加入,将来会在平台上添加更多功能和服务,以进一步增加并建立忠实的用户群。





网站: Consentium
Telegram 频道: Consentium Official
Twitter: Consentium
Facebook: Consentium
微信Wechat: gh_ef8940467b01




Empowered by the community, Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Visit us at

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Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Visit

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