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CLUBHOUSE? Maybe not! 违反在线隐私 — Clubhouse

If you truly cares about privacy and decentralisation, stay away from Clubhouse for communication. 如果您真正关心在线隐私和区块链,请远离Clubhouse来进行交流。

Clubhouse is a drop-in voice chat platform that has taken the world by storm, including the cryptocurrency community. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen numerous tech leaders and cryptocurrency pioneers hoping on clubhouse to voice their opinion. Its simple yet alluring way of providing a space for casual conversations has netted the app over 10M downloads, but this success does not come without compromises.

This in-depth privacy analysis will demonstrate not only that Clubhouse falls below basic privacy standards, but that all conversations are recorded, users are coerced into sharing their contact information, and personal data is relentlessly collected, tracked and freehandedly shared with advertising corporations.

Your voice is not private, you are being listened — Unknowingly

Despite the significant advancements in modern cryptography over the last decade, Clubhouse does very little to protect the confidentiality of your conversations. Facebook’s WhatsApp first adopted end-to-end encryption in 2014 rendering impossible for even WhatsApp to access your conversations, with several other communication platforms following suit soon after. And seven years later, Clubhouse has failed to adopt this standard mainstream security measure at the expense of your privacy.

This means that every conversation, including those that take place in private rooms, are saved to disk. While they do claim to delete these recordings once they are no longer needed, these types of claims are unverified by their very nature, and often turn out to be incorrect. Facebook previously claimed to hash all passwords before storing them, only to be exposed and fined for inadvertently storing hundreds of millions of passwords in some log files.

The server infrastructure for most internet services is often quite complex, with traffic being routed through several different reverse proxies and third party services before arriving at the final destination. There is no telling whether or not any one of these endpoints accidentally stored some personal information along the way.

Protect yourself and join force with cryptography

As we approach a digital-first world at warp speed, it is crucial to recognize the importance of one’s privacy, and the ever-increasing rate at which it is decaying. In part due to the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, the field of cryptography has never advanced at a faster rate, and we should hold on to what might be our last chance at a private internet. Defend yourself with cryptography.

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您的”声音”不是私密-不知不觉中, 你正在被窃听

尽管近十年来现代加密技术取得了重大进步,但Clubhouse在保护对话的机密性方面做得很少。 Facebook的WhatsApp于2014年首次采用端到端加密,这使得WhatsApp甚至都无法访问您的对话,随后其他几个通信平台也随之效仿。七年后的今天,Clubhouse未能采用这种标准的主流安全措施,以牺牲您的隐私为代价。

这意味着所有对话(包括在私人房间中进行的对话)都被保存到磁盘中。尽管他们确实声称一旦不再需要就删除了这些记录,但是这些类型的声明由于其性质而无法验证,并且经常被证明是不正确的。 Facebook此前声称要在存储所有密码之前先对所有密码进行哈希处理,但由于无意中将数亿个密码存储在某些日志文件中而被公开和罚款。




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Empowered by the community, Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Visit us at

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Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Visit

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