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Consentium — 2018 Year in Review

What a year 2018 has been for Consentium– from its conception to where it is today! Let’s recap and celebrate what has been done and what is to come.

Before 2018, there were already a few C2C cryptocurrency wallets in the market. But the idea a crypto wallet integrated within a chat app that rewards you for building and engaging a community? Well that’s a first! And that was how Consentium was conceived.

In January last year, we developed a chat community monetisation model (CCM) that doubled up as a multi-cryptocurrency wallet while growing a community of 15,000 people on Telegram.

In February, we launched our airdrop campaign giving away a total of 40,000 CSM Tokens.

Early followers got a sneak peak of the Consentium app and we launched a Beta version for Android users. Our team also partnered up with ThothTrust to further enhance the security of our in-app wallet.

In May, we distributed our tokens and had it listed with Megaxstore. Our token holders were able to use the tokens to purchase tangible items off the webstore, rewarding them for their investment. Our roadmap for the rest of the year was released in the month of June.

Our second half of the year was as exciting– Consentium was launched on the Google Playstore in September, followed by the Apple Store in October. This was then followed by a series of exchange listings we managed to secure before the year closed.

A launch party was held in October for Consentium’s new listing on LAToken.

After a month of hustling, we got listed on Bitforex (Top 15 Cryptocurrency Exchange) and DigiFinex (Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange) in December! Just in time for our Ecosystem launch, whereby we introduced our new exchange platform– Exonium!

We closed 2018 with one final event– in partnership with Huobi we presented JAB Fest the first art and jazz event done in the blockchain sphere in Huobi’s new Singapore office.

What a year of activities and achievements! To date we have received 44,000 downloads for the Consentium app. Here’s to an even better 2019!








嘉信 在MGX上使用嘉信币支付

2018年的下半年同样激动人心 — — 9月份嘉信应用程序在谷歌应用商店上线,随后的10月份在苹果应用商店上线。接下来,我们努力在年底前完成了一系列的交易所上市。



经过一个月的努力,我们于12月在Bitforex(前15名加密货币交易所之一)和Digifinex(前10名加密货币交易所之一)上市!同时,我们举办生态系统发布会,推出了新的交易平台 — — Exonium!





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