Consentium announces strategic partnership with Dash

On 26 June 2019, Consentium signed an MOU with Dash. This officially launches the two-pronged partnership between Dash and Consentium’s ecosystem.

Dash currently ranks #15 on Coinmarketcap with a trading volume of over $5 billion USD.

Dash and Consentium teams are both founded with the goals of driving mass adoption for cryptocurrency while delivering personal security and privacy to their users. Consentium has found a great demand from their 130,000+ strong community for use of DASH within their ecosystem. This partnership will allow Consentium users to make payments from coffee to crypto trading to individuals or Dash’s strong list of merchants across Singapore and China.

Dash also recognises Consentium continued efforts to build communities in its ecosystem. The quality experience and added functionalities on both the Consentium app and Exonium exchange allow its 2 million users to leverage on the benefits of decentralised platforms. This creation of strong use cases further drives the bridge between crypto and fiat-based financial markets that is crucial to Dash and Consentium’s shared vision for the future.

This is what users benefit from this partnership:

1. Send and receive DASH on Consentium

Users now have the ease of using the Consentium wallet to send/receive coins to individuals or the list of merchants that accepts DASH. You can leverage the best of our Consentium community, meet crypto enthusiast and traders like yourself. The app also gives users access to the coin’s market status too!

2. Trade DASH with ease on Exonium

DASH traders can enjoy trading on Exonium from today. Kickstart your journey by registering on Exonium and complete your KYC process and place a deposit on the platform! Learn more here.

3. Combined effort to push for Merchant adoption of Dash + Consentium

Keeping with our combined vision for mass adoption, Consentium will work closely with Dash to engage more merchants in the use of Dash and Consentium so users on our platforms stand to benefit with more use cases.

4. Extend global reach of Consentium and put Consentium app on the world stage

For Consentium, our currency is the people in our community. We are excited to have this meaningful partnership with Dash that will allow more users to discover the benefits of the Consentium app and its ecosystem. We trust that this will create opportunities for us to deliver more to our communities with a strengthened social capital.

4. Airdrop in the future

We seek Dash users and Consentium’s community strong and positive support of this partnership. It is highly possible that we will arrange an airdrop to allow CSM token holders to own Dash and vice versa. We are monitoring use closely and you can look forward to hearing from us first if this will happen in the near future.

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3. 共同努力推动商家采用DASH及嘉信










网站: Consentium

Telegram 频道: Consentium Official

Twitter: @Consentium

Facebook: Consentium


CONSENTIUM is a crypto wallet, chat and community app that rewards you for your engagement. Through its innovative Community Monetization Model, you can get rewarded for being a wallet and chat active user. Visit us at


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CONSENTIUM is the first chat app to reward users with cryptocurrency for any group or community they create and engage with. Visit


CONSENTIUM is a crypto wallet, chat and community app that rewards you for your engagement. Through its innovative Community Monetization Model, you can get rewarded for being a wallet and chat active user. Visit us at

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