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Consentium Chat App: Empowering Cryptocurrency And Community 嘉信聊天应用程序:增强加密货币和社区的功能

A chat app that allows you to communicate globally, transfer and deposit cryptocurrencies and earn rewards with CSM. 一个聊天应用程序,可让您进行全球通信,转移和存放加密货币并通过CSM获得奖励。

Blockchain, Decentralised Finance (DeFi), smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the hot topic of conversation in most tech circles these days. If you’re not reading about cryptocurrency in the news, or scrolling through Twitter seeing CTs shilling about DeFi projects, you may be discussing about the industry on messaging apps.

You are not alone. Over the past few years, we have witness speculators, cryptocurrency evangelist, newly-minted enthusiasts, and the merely curious flocking to messaging apps to discuss about blockchain.

It’s the convergence of blockchain technology and communication that empowers the entire cryptocurrency industry and that is the future of how digital money flows.

The Great Convergence Of Crypto & Chat Apps

Many of the world’s largest messaging platforms — the Whatsapp, Telegram and Wechat have yet to make serious moves into the cryptocurrency space.

Chat platforms offering cryptocurrency features will provide a way to build an economy, to facilitate economic transactions within the app itself. This creates a new business model, a way to fund development, and another vector for growth. It gives a way to monetise, a way to reward chat app users on the platform with native tokens.

In the chat app market where some of the most significant players are eschewing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, innovative startups like Consentium on the lower rung of the MAU ladder embrace blockchain technology as a way to differentiate ourselves. Consentium strived to innovate in the messaging space since the company’s launch, but over the past 3 years, it became a challenge in our industry to continue to differentiate through innovation. Intense competition and commoditization of product features and experiences has created a somewhat stagnant market.

Blockchain technology presents an opportunity to create a fair and open ecosystem that preferences diverse participation and innovation. Against all odds, we at Consentium believes in adapting to the market and strive to be the market leader.

We are not just another ICO that launched in 2018. We believe in the potential of chat apps and blockchain technology. In 3 years, we have release numerous updated versions of our mobile application and introduced new ecosystem partners that will boost adoption of cryptocurrency. Be it the chat app or DeFi community through EMOJIS Farm.

Here are some of the valuable insights and research we’ve done to figure out how we can improve our platforms and ecosystem in order to empower the use case of blockchain technology.

Trust In Trustless Systems

Blockchain technology can help a chat platform stay transparent, by introducing a trustless system. A user doesn’t need to trust a intermediatry, like a bank or a chat platform provider. Public blockchains like CSM Chain, by default, are transparent.

Blockchain technologies provide a decentralisation building block that can be used by chat platforms to roam freely on the internet and be run by the community rather than a centralised service. Modern messaging apps want to be secure and that secure conversations require trading public keys in some way. Blockchain tech offers a level of transparency to show that a server isn’t malicious, giving the wrong key for someone as well as more subtle attacks, such as a server lying by omission, when someone revokes a key.

Since blockchain runs on entirely public databases, it’s easy to see that everyone is getting the same answer for a key lookup. Chat platforms seem to be a natural medium for cryptocurrency transactions to take place and for communities to form.

Digital wallet of the future will require messaging built in-app. And the default messengers of the future will allow sending money, which Consentium does. This product converge is natural, since people want to communicate with the people they’re sending money to. The communal aspect of commerce is only part of the narrative. It’s also important to note that cryptocurrencies have financial value only because a lot of people seem to agree that they have “value”, based on market demand. So if the value of cryptocurrencies is ultimately a social construct, it makes sense that, through Consentium chat platforms, people are able to construct that value of CSM socially.

The future of Cryptocurrency Chat App

Since the cryptocurrency bull run that gain mass traction in 2017, blockchain technology has been something of a community affair. The communities that started on internet forums are now starting to move to chat applications, and many new investors to the market will be exposed to a large community of investors, discussing about the latest trend and news in the cryptocurrency market.

A common refrain in the blockchain space is that “blockchain is still in its infancy stage” and insofar as that’s true, there’s no way to know how, or how quickly, the market for decentralized technologies will evolve. But there’s one thing for sure: more people are talking about it, and through Consentium chat app, it’s easier to do so than ever before.

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About Consentium

Empowered by the community, Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Our integrated cryptocurrency wallet allows users to send and receive CSM, BTC, USDT and ETH. Within the same app, users can chat with friends and explore different groups of like-minded individuals. By integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into our chat app, users can now perform your transaction without the hassle of leaving the app.

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区块链技术提供了一个去中心化的构建块,聊天平台可以使用它来在互联网上自由漫游,并由社区而不是集中式服务来运行。现代消息传递应用程序希望安全,并且安全的对话需要以某种方式交易公钥。区块链技术提供了一定程度的透明性,以表明服务器不是恶意的 — 将不会为某人提供了错误的密钥,以及更细微的攻击,例如当某人撤消密钥时服务器被遗漏了。









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