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Consentium Ecosystem Launch

We built a world for crypto users and we want you to be a part of it!

On the 13th of December, we unveiled our latest and greatest Consentium ecosystem in Zhu Hai City, China. Amongst the attendees were leaders and influencers in the blockchain space and we are glad to have them with us in this exclusive event!

Nikita Sachdev

Crypto influencer and blockchain advisor Nikita Sachdev graced the stage to introduce Consentium’s 2018 milestones and how they paved the way for the creation of a new ecosystem that will redefine the experience of crypto users. She also provided valuable insight about the social media space today and the opportunity to maximise daily interactions.

Wayne Ng

Introducing the main players of the new Consentium Ecosystem were key members of the Consentium team. Wayne Ng, Head of Greater China of Consentium, provided an overview of Consentium, the social chat and wallet app, as well as Helo, a live streaming platform for the latest crypto news.

Pranay Patadiya

This was followed by an unveiling of two more products by Pranay Patadiya, Chief Product Officer of Consentium. The two trading platforms joining the ecosystem are Exonium, for large scale trading, and Cryptonium, enabling peer-to-peer transactions.

Alexey Belyankin

Partnerships are also in place to bolster the new Consentium Ecosystem’s offerings. Alexey Belyankin, CEO and Founder of GGRocket, flew in from Russia to share about the plan for Helo gaming.

The World Consentium Built

The theme of the Ecosystem Launch revolved around the creation of a new world for crypto users. With a fragmented user experience today, Consentium’s ecosystem presents the 4 must-have products. We’ve made it simple and easy for you.

What is so special about these four star products?

Consentium changes the way we communicate with the unique CCM Model. Being the gateway to the ecosystem, Consentium is able to build a dedicated user base for them to enjoy the benefits of the ecosystem.

On the other hand, Helo is an avenue for Consentium users to educate themselves with the latest news about upcoming crypto projects. Helo creates accountability by allowing only verified projects to create groups and channels for updates. This educational platform is made interactive with the live-streaming option that allows project teams to interact with their communities directly.

During the Ecosystem Launch in China, the entire event was streamed on the Helo app. Those who watched the streamed witnessed an airdrop demo firsthand, where they were rewarded with tokens every few minutes in-app.

Exonium is a global cryptocurrency trading platform with a user-friendly interface suitable for even beginner traders. It brings the best of both world by providing access to top-tier cryptocurrencies and facilitating trade with zero fees.

Cryptonium is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange that allows direct trades between users. It also matches users geographically, allowing trades to occur within a similar region.

Step Into Our Crypto World

These four products work together to create a game-changing ecosystem.

  • Shared expertise enables the borrowing of resources across the four platforms. With a unified back-end process, users of the Consentium Ecosystem enjoy a seamless experience with minimised information loss.
  • Shared database allows for a full-circle understanding of the journey of every crypto user, from chat to education to trading. This is crucial in catering to existing user requirements and anticipating future needs.
  • Shared community allows the four products to scale and benefit from a high volume of usage. This shared community will also lower barriers to adopting a product in the ecosystem! Tapping into these network effects, users benefit from the enhanced knowledge sharing.

What are you waiting for? Join our world today!

Learn from fellow users on Consentium: ANDROID / IOS

Get the latest crypto news on Helo: ANDROID / IOS

Trade with zero fees on Exonium: WEBSITE

Get the ultimate P2P experience on Cryptonium: Launching in January

Stay tuned via our social channels to know more about Consentium and our future activities. We value the feedback of our community users, so please feel free to share your thoughts with us as we keep updating you on our progress!

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