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Consentium Ecosystem Update #7 嘉信生态系统更新 #7

Recap of all recent development and highlights 回顾嘉信最近的发展和重点

The Consentium ecosystem is constantly growing and changing, and it’s about a lot more than Consentium itself. Our ecosystem has several on-going developments and announcements, which we’ve compiled in this week’s ecosystem update below.

CSM Chain

Our new blockchain, CSM Chain has the capability to process up to millions of transactions per second as compared to Ethereum’s 15 TPS. A faster and more scalable upgrade is essential for chat apps and payment due to the high volume of transactions occurring within these two features. Unlike the Ethereum Network, due to the nature of our new consensus mechanism, there will not be any transaction fees for sending and receiving the new CSM tokens. The CSM Chain network is supported by users who stake their tokens and help to verify transactions within the network. In return, they will receive CSM tokens as an incentive for sustaining the network. Find out more about CSM Chain in the link below.

New Proprietary Blockchain- CSM Chain

Staking Feature

Yes! You can stake now by transferring CSM from Digifinex to our new wallet! The new staking feature is a progressive step forward from the previous CSM-SN campaign. Rewards to the stake are distributed with smart contracts based on a variable: the percentage of total tokens staked. All staking rewards are 100% distributed to all stakers, regardless of how many stakers there are. This means that the fewer stakers there are, the more rewards they get individually! CSM Chain staking reward is based on the total CSM staked.

0% to 3% of tokens staked
Estimated ROI: 100% — 300%
3% to 11% staked
Estimated ROI: 49% — 100%
11% to 50% staked
Estimated ROI: 12% — 36%
50% to 100% staked
Estimated ROI: 3% — 12%

With a total existing supply of 150,000,000 CSM, Tier 1 and 2 reward is highly possible for early stakers. Early stakers will receive higher rewards as there are lesser participants within the network.

With a limited supply of tokens available for staking on Digifinex now, users can deposit their CSM on our new wallet and start staking!

Find out more about our staking mechanism in the link below.

CSM Token Mechanism Analysis

Consentium Wallet

Due to the technical nature of our brand new CSM Chain, we will no longer be using any wallet supporting ERC20 tokens.

Our new wallet will be the main platform for Consentium’s community to stake their CSM tokens. It operates differently from the usual Ethereum wallet that our community is used to. Unlike the usual ERC20 token wallet, Consentium wallet requires users to be invited or approved by an existing member to create an account. In order to create an account for yourself, which will allow you to stake, unstake and transfer tokens across the network, you will need to generate a key pair and reach out to existing account owners to activate your account.

Find out more about our new Consentium wallet and guide in the link below.

Consentium Web Wallet

CSM Swap on Digifinex

If you have any CSM (ERC20) in external wallets, please follow our swap instructions and complete the swap on 27th July 2020.

Consentium will be liaising with Digifinex to support swap for external users.

  • Digifinex will resume CSM (ERC20) deposit on 27th July for users to swap tokens.
  • CSM holders will be able to deposit their CSM (ERC20) into Digifinex and it will be converted to the new CSM. Swap period will only be ONE WEEK, until 2nd August.
  • Withdrawal for CSM tokens on Exonium will also resume on 27th July in order for users to swap tokens on Digifinex.
  • CSM Deposit on Exonium will not be available till further notice.

***Do note that the new CSM tokens will not be supported by any ERC20 wallets such as MyEtherWallet as the new CSM tokens are no longer running on the Ethereum network. Any CSM (ERC20) tokens that are not swapped will not be accepted on any of our official exchange partners. Therefore we advise our community to swap their CSM as soon as possible.

Consentium New App

Two years since our initial app release, we decided to relaunch our mobile app with a new user interface and features. Our app features bridge the gap between a chat app and cryptocurrency wallet. That’s what makes Consentium different from any app you’ve ever used. The cryptocurrency community wants a convenient platform that complements their daily activity like trading. Switching between chat app and crypto wallet is such a hassle and thus decreases user experience on the app. By integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into our chat app, users can now perform your transaction without needing to leave the app.

What’s New:

To make tracking the cryptocurrency market more efficient globally by empowering our users with unbiased, high quality and accurate information, Consentium introduces you to our brand new “Market” page. Our users will be able to find important project information and analyse the price chart of the top 10 cryptocurrencies including CSM. Data available includes listing prices, available supply, 24-hour trade volume, and market capitalizations. Never miss out on the price action again!

By merging a crypto-wallet and chat platform, Consentium enables users to connect with buyers or sellers directly and perform the transaction within the app. We understand that it’s a tedious process to copy and paste the recipient’s address and make sure that there’s no mistake in the address before sending tokens. With Consentium, you can now easily send tokens to in-app users as we enable users to transfer CSM via our proprietary Red Packet function. Never worry about sending to a wrong address anymore, just make sure that the recipient has a Consentium account! We will be updating the Red Packet function in the future in order for users to send other cryptocurrencies other than CSM.

Find out more about our new app in the link below.

Consentium app

The beta version of Consentium new app is ready for community testing! An updated version will be released for the Asia and International market in July and August respectively.

Download the beta version for iOS & Android today!

Updated Whitepaper and Website

With our recent developments, we’ve updated our website and whitepaper. Check out our new roadmap and FAQs on our website now!



About Consentium
Empowered by the community, Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Our integrated cryptocurrency wallet allows users to send and receive CSM, BTC, USDT and ETH. Within the same app, users can chat with friends and explore different groups of like-minded individuals. By integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into our chat app, users can now perform your transaction without the hassle of leaving the app.

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嘉信生态系统正在不断发展和变化. 嘉信最近发布了一些精彩进展和公告,我们已经在本周生态系统更新文章中收集了所有消息。


与以太坊的15每秒交易处理量相比,嘉信公链每秒能够处理多达数百万笔交易。由于聊天应用程序和付款这两个功能中将有大量交易, 因此,更快,更可扩展的升级至关重要。由于我们新的共识机制的性质与以太坊网络不同,发送和接收新的C币不会收取任何交易费用。质押C币并帮助验证网络内交易的用户支持嘉信公链网络。作为回报,他们将获得C币以鼓励维持网络。




您现在可以通过将C币从D网转移到我们的新钱包中进行质押!新的质押功能是从以前的嘉信超级节点CSM-SN开始的一个渐进步骤。奖励结构略有不同,但将继续以动态和积极的方式奖励涉众。质押的奖励通过质押总代币的百分比变量的智能合约进行分配。无论有多少质押者, 所有质押奖励均100%分配给所有质押者。这意味着质押者越少,他们获得的奖励就越多!










现有的总供应量为150,000,000 CSM,第1层和第2层的奖励对于早期的质押者很有可能。早期质押者将会获的较多C币奖励。






由于我们全新的嘉信公链的技术性质,我们将不再使用任何支持以太坊ERC20的钱包。我们的新钱包将成为嘉信社区用来质押其C币的主要平台。新钱包的运作方式不同于我们社区常用的以太坊钱包. 与通常的以太坊钱包不同,嘉信公链钱包要求现有成员邀请用户创建帐户。为了为自己创建一个帐户,这将允许您在网络上质押和转移C币,您将需要生成密钥对并联系现有帐户所有者以启用您的帐户。







  1. D网将在7月27日恢复旧C币 (ERC20)存款,以供用户交换代币。
  2. C币代币持有者将能够将其旧C币(ERC20)存入D网,并将其转换为新的C币。C币交换期只有一个星期,直到8月2日。
  3. 嘉库上的旧C币取款也将在7月27日恢复,以便用户在D网上交换C币。
  4. 除非另行通知,嘉库目前将不会恢复C币存款。

***请注意,因新的C币不再在以太坊网络上运行, 新的C币将不受任何以太坊ERC20钱包(例如MyEtherWallet, imToken)的支持。任何未交换的C币(ERC20)都不会在我们的任何官方交易所合作伙伴上交易。因此,我们建议社区尽快交换C币。















网站: Consentium
Telegram 频道: Consentium Official
Twitter: Consentium
Facebook: Consentium
微信Wechat: gh_ef8940467b01



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