CSM Token Swap Bridge 嘉信C币交换桥

Guide to swap CSM (ERC-20) to CSM (BEP-2) tokens 交换CSM(ERC-20)至CSM(BEP-2)代币指南

Oct 7, 2019 · 4 min read


Please take note that for the first TWO weeks from 9th October onwards, there will be a daily limit of 20,000 CSM for CSM (ERC 20) to CSM (BEP-2) swap.

If our swap website states “Swap limit has been reached today” DO NOT TRANSFER ANY ERC20 tokens to the wallet address. Please wait till the bridge is open. If you sent ERC20 tokens when the bridge close, your tokens will be refunded.
Daily limit reopens from 18:00 (GMT +8) daily and will close once daily limit hits.
Thank you.

Prior to the Binance DEX listing, Consentium will be opening the token swap bridge that allows current CSM (ERC-20) token holders to swap for CSM (BEP-2) tokens. This is to ensure that CSM token holders will be ready to trade on Binance DEX once listing is approved and trading is live.

Migration to Binance Chain

The increasing number of projects moving to Binance Chain and its high transactions per second is one of the main reasons why we decided to integrate Consentium onto Binance Chain.

We are delighted to announce that we will open the bridge to allow all CSM holders to swap their CSM (ERC20) tokenS for the CSM.B (BEP-2) token. (Please do not swap your existing tokens till listing on Binance DEX is confirmed)

Follow the following steps to complete the token swap (FULL DETAILS BELOW:

  • Step 1 — Access the bridge

Repeat the steps above if you want to swap more CSM (ERC 20) tokens to CSM (BEP-2) tokens.

Step 1 — Access the bridge

Please ensure that you access the bridge from the correct URL address.

Click on CSM Swap

Step 2 — Enter your BNB address to receive BEP-2 tokens

  • If you have an existing BNB wallet address, enter the BNB address in order to receive your BEP-2 tokens.

Please note that do not use any BNB deposit address on other Exchanges to receive your CSM (BEP-2) tokens. Only use a BNB address in your wallet!

After you have entered your BNB address, please deposit your CSM (ERC20) token to our Consentium wallet shown on the swap page to complete the token swap.

Step 3 — Deposit your CSM (ERC20) tokens to be swapped

  • From your ERC 20 wallet, transfer CSM (ERC20) tokens to our CSM (ERC20) deposit address.

Step 4 — Enter transaction hash and personal email address

  • After the transfer transaction in step 3 has been completed, please enter the transaction hash of the transfer in the blanks below QR code.

The converted CSM (BEP-2) tokens will be deposited in your wallet.

  • For example, if you have transferred 1000 CSM (ERC 20) tokens from your wallet to our CSM (ERC 20) deposit address, then you will receive 1000 CSM (BEP-2) tokens in your BNB address entered in step 2.


Technical Support:

Please send an email to hello@consentium.net if you have any enquiries related to the swap bridge or if you have encountered any issues when using the CSM Token Bridge.

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请注意,从10月9日开始的前两个星期,CSM(ERC 20)到CSM(BEP-2)的每日兑换限额为20,000 CSM。这是为了确保C币持有者免受BEP-2和ERC20令牌之间的差异影响。
提醒群众,CSM全部用户的限额总数2万。 不是一人2万。
转币时间18:00 (GMT +8) 开。
请注意,如果网站显示”今天达到交换限额”, 请别转币
如果您在交换桥没开的情况下转币的话,您的ERC20 将会退回。

在Binance DEX上市之前,嘉信将打开令牌交换桥,允许当前CSM(ERC- 20)令牌持有者交换CSM(BEP-2)令牌。这是为了确保CSM代币持有人将准备好上市批准后交易.



我们很高兴地宣布,我们将开通网桥,允许所有CSM持有人将其CSM(ERC2 0)代币换成CSM(BEP-2)代币。(请不要交换您现有的令牌,直到在BINANCE DEX上的列表被确认)



步骤2 -提供BNB地址以接收BEP-2令牌

第3步-将您的CSM(ERC 20)代币存入交换页面上显示的嘉信钱包。


如果要将更多CSM(ERC 20)令牌交换到CSM(BEP-2)令牌,请重复上述步骤。


  • 请确保从正确的url地址访问网桥。从嘉信官方网站https://consentium.net 的“交换C币 ”下访问CSM网桥,



  • 如果您有一个现有的BNB钱包地址,输入BNB地址,以便接收您的BEP-2令牌。


  • 从您的ERC 20钱包,将CSM(ERC2 0)代币转到我们的CSM(ERC2 0)存款地.






例如,如果您已经将1000个CSM(Erc 20)令牌从您的钱包转移到我们的CSM(Erc 20)存款地址,那么您将在步骤2中输入的BNB地址中收到1000个CSM(BEP-2)令牌。






网站: Consentium

Telegram 频道: Consentium Official

Twitter: @Consentium

Facebook: Consentium


CONSENTIUM is a crypto wallet, chat and community app that…


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CONSENTIUM is a crypto wallet, chat and community app that rewards you for your engagement. Through its innovative Community Monetization Model, you can get rewarded for being a wallet and chat active user. Visit us at www.consentium.net

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