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Digitalisation Shines In the Midst of Crisis 数字化在危机中闪耀

Can the recent growth of digital communication influence adoption for blockchain technology? 数字通信的最新发展会影响区块链技术的采用吗?

Businesses are keeping the digital lifelines open while enabling employees, customers, partners, and suppliers to continue working during the COVID-19 pandemic, often relying on communication frameworks to keep everyone informed. More businesses are seeing the value of increased digitalisation in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As early as January when COVID-19 showed signs of impacting supply chains outside of China, many corporations around the world began creating contingency and continuity planning teams. They are keeping the digital communication channels open with customers, suppliers, channel partners, and employees while thwarting more cyberattacks as hackers attempt to capitalize on the chaos happening during this crisis. Realizing that uncertainty over IT is a potential obstacle in business operation, senior executives placed a high priority on having a robust communication framework. Working from home while providing internal teams with the information they need makes communication framework essential for continued operations.

While the Singapore Government has long encouraged firms to use more digital technology in their processes, the coronavirus has brought into stark relief its relevance and usefulness at a time when companies have had to activate their business continuity plans. Digital technology has also helped the Singapore Government manage the crisis, with utilising Telegram and WhatsApp to provide Singaporeans with reliable information in a timely manner that also enables citizens to navigate all the other information that they’re receiving on a daily basis. Businesses are using digital technologies for payments or internal/external communication.

The primary challenge now during the COVID-19 outbreak is to integrate and streamline digital infrastructure at various stages, particularly in the context of epidemic forecasting and decision-making in many sectors. SARS was 17 years ago, and a new-age digital era has emerged; artificial Intelligence, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) could be instrumental in keeping this new pandemic within reasonable limits.

The world has turned to the internet for a wide range of services during this period. According to Statista, 76% of American adults stated that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they had used e-mail or messaging services to communicate with others. The internet became a popular source of information regarding the global pandemic. Working remotely is growing steadily, driven by a host of digital tools, including Web conferencing and e-mail to mobile communication applications.

The novel coronavirus crisis has created a surge in usage of many online communications platforms. In the face of a global pandemic, video conference platform, Zoom has become a top-performing stock on the NASDAQ this year with up to nearly 160% gain, seeing a massive influx of users as people try to connect online for both work and personal reasons. Facebook’s Messenger has witnessed more than 100% increase in desktop-based audio and video calling on Messenger.

How can Blockchain Technology shine during this period?

Accuracy & Authenticity
False news and rumours spread like wildfire on the internet and this causes unnecessary fear. The source and authenticity of information can be verified by Blockchain technology. On the open and transparent ledger, it allows the public to identify the origin of the information. Due to the immutable nature of blockchain technology, no one can tamper with the information stored on the blockchain.

This greatly reduces attempts at identity fraud, pranks or misinformation.

User Privacy & Data Security
Blockchain technology allows the public to control the personal information they would like to share, such as the telephone number and name. Applications such as chat app also have a function where chats can only be seen by the intended recipient, and then self-destruct after it’s been read.

Blockchain Messaging Apps
Consentium has a chat function on its app that gives users the same functionalities as current instant messaging apps. Users can have 1–1 chats as well as group chats, where entrepreneurs and content creators can monetise their products or services by leveraging on the community they build with the app, as well as the crypto aspect of the platform.

Consentium demonstrates the usefulness of blockchain technology for messaging apps. With the transparent and secure way of transmitting messages, users of these apps are assured that information received is intended for them and that their personal data is secure.

Consentium is a revolutionary chat application, which is the first to reward its users with cryptocurrency via the Chat Community Monetization (CCM) Model for virtually any group or community they create.

CCM Model allows for transactional fees to be redistributed to active members of the Consentium community. It incentivises users to create ‘ultra groups’ and cultivate strong in-app communities by creating more engaging content.

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目前在COVID-19爆发期间的主要挑战是在各个阶段集成和精简数字基础架构,尤其是在许多部门的流行病预测和决策的背景下。 SARS发生在17年前,一个新时代的数字时代已经到来。人工智能,区块链和物联网(IoT)可能有助于将这一新的流行病控制在合理的范围内。


新型冠状病毒危机已导致许多在线交流平台的使用激增。面对全球流行的视频会议平台,祖姆(ZOOM) 今年已成为纳斯达克市场表现最佳的股票,涨幅近160%,随着人们尝试在线连接工作和个人网络,看到大量用户涌入原因。脸书的信使见证了桌面的音频和视频通话增加了100%以上。












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Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Visit

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