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$EMOJI’s highly anticipated farm launch will be on 31st December.

The moment you’ve been waiting for! We are pleased to announce that EMOJIS.Farm live site will launch on 31st December and our beloved $EMOJI fam can start staking all 6 Uniswap LPs on to earn LPs from respective pools as reward.


Our farm contracts were released early this months and we already have users staking LPs and receiving rewards via Etherscan.

We thank everyone for the wait and patience over the past few weeks as the team is working on the UI release. Not the perfect start, but we are glad that everything is in place now and $EMOJI is 100% ready to rock and roll! Get ready for 2021!

Other than receiving LP as rewards, users with just one token in adopted pools will be able to swap tokens and be a liquidity provider on EMOJIS farm as well!

Up next will be the integration of $EMOJI on Consentium chat app!

Ownership of contracts transferred. Mint disabled. Team will not be able to mint anymore EMOJI. All newly bred $EMOJI will be done automatically via farm contract for users’ reward.

EMOJI TOKEN CONTRACT: 0xcbd380c2d84deafed09f79863705353505764f26

Uniswap Info:

Farm Contracts







To find out more about how EMOJIS Farm works, please view this follow articles and documents:

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