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Facelift: CSM-SN Technology 即将推出:新CSM-SN技术

New chain, New Features for CSM! 嘉信的新技术,新功能!

CSM Maintenance

Consentium would like to update our community that Deposits and Withdrawal for CSM will be suspended in preparation for the integration of new CSM-SN tech.

CSM tokens can be traded as usual on exchanges.

Once the CSM-SN tech upgrade is completed, we will implement the swap on the backend for Exonium users and liaise with Digifinex for CSM holders on their platform. No further actions will be required by users of these two platforms.

Please do not abandon current CSM holdings as Consentium team will be conducting the 1–1 swap for users who hold their CSM outside of these two platforms. Existing CSM is still effective so do not worry about it if you are an existing token holder.

Consentium upgrade completion date will be released in the future. Stay tuned on our socials for the latest update.

What can you expect from this upgrade?

CSM-SN new technology will involve migrating our existing Ethereum based, ERC20 CSM token to our new in-house blockchain technology.

The aim of this new technology is to build a decentralized blockchain that can process fast and cheaper transactions, functioning like an operating system, which will make the new chain user-friendly.

Consentium new blockchain has the capability to process up to millions of transactions per second as compared to Ethereum’s 15 TPS. A faster and more scalable upgrade is essential for chat apps and payment due to the high volume of transactions occurring within these two features. Instead of using Proof of Work, (PoW) like Ethereum and Bitcoin, Consentium new blockchain will use the consensus model called Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS).

What is DPOS:

  1. Imagine that 300 tokens holders are needed to verify each transaction on the blockchain. These people are called “Witnesses”
  2. As the blockchain is decentralized, CSM token holders get to vote for who they think should be a Witness.
  3. However, the strength of your vote is based on how many CSM-SN you have. This is called a “stake”. The more CSM-SN you stake, the more power your vote has.
  4. The task of all 200 Witnesses is to keep the network secure and they will get rewarded for verifying transactions on the network.
  5. If a witness is incompetent in verifying transactions, they can be voted to be kicked out of the network and replaced by another witness in the network.

Basically, this creates a more efficient system, allowing cheap, fast and environmentally friendly transactions. Our staking function will allow CSM-SN token holders to get incentives for holding CSM-SN. More CSM-SN, More Rewards! Find out more about how to buy CSM-SN and participate in our staking campaign in this article.

Unlike previous CSM token smart contract, this tech upgrade will allow CSM token to be burnable. This burn function will be utilised in the future in order to reduce total CSM token supply when required.

Total CSM Supply will be reduced from previous CSM total supply of 240m to 150m, aligning with existing total supply.

We are currently in the midst of building the new technology and our expected tech upgrade completion date is by the end of March 2020.

Thank you for your patience and continuous support!

Consentium is a revolutionary chat application, which is the first to reward its users with cryptocurrency via the Chat Community Monetization (CCM) Model for virtually any group or community they create.

CCM Model allows for transactional fees to be redistributed to active members of the Consentium community. It incentivises users to create ‘ultra groups’ and cultivate strong in-app communities by creating more engaging content.

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嘉信将更新社区,我们将暂停C币存款和取款,以准备迎接新的CSM-SN技术。 C币可以往常一样在交换所进行交易。 一旦完成CSM-SN技术升级,我们将为嘉库用户在后端实施交换,并与D网Digifinex合作帮助其平台上的C币持有者。这两个平台的用户将不需要采取进一步的措施。 请不要放弃当前的C币,因为嘉信团队将为在这两个平台之外持有C币的用户进行1–1交换。现有的CSM仍然有效,因此如果您是现有的C币持有者,请不要担心。 嘉信升级完成日期将在将来发布。



CSM-SN新技术将涉及将我们现有的基于以太坊的ERC20 CSM令牌迁移到我们新的内部区块链技术中。


与以太坊的15 TPS相比,嘉信新的区块链每秒能够处理多达数百万笔交易。由于这两个功能中发生了大量交易,因此对于聊天应用程序和支付而言,更快,更可扩展的升级至关重要。 嘉信新的区块链将不使用以太坊和比特币之类的工作量证明(PoW),而将使用共识模型(Delegated-Proof-of-Stake)(DPoS)。


  1. 想象一下,需要300个令牌持有者来验证区块链上的每笔交易。这些人被称为“证人”
  2. 随着区块链的去中心化,CSM代币持有人可以投票选出他们认为应该是证人的人。
  3. 您的投票强度取决于您拥有多少个CSM-SN。这称为“权益”。您投入的CSM-SN越多,您的投票权就越大。
  4. 所有200位证人的任务是确保网络安全,他们将因在网络上验证交易而获得奖励。
  5. 如果见证人不具备验证交易的能力,则可以投票将其踢出网络,并由网络中的另一位见证人代替。








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