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Institution Money: From Crypto to DeFi 机构资金:从加密货币到分散式金融

Why DeFi protocols like EMOJIS Farm will benefit from the recent crypto trend and institution money flowing into BTC? 为什么像EMOJIS Farm这样的DeFi协议将从最近的加密趋势和流入BTC的机构资金中受益?

Why Institutional Investors should look into DeFi products

With U.S. 10-year Treasuries yielding only 1%, the next big thing would be for institutions to look at investing in #DeFi yield products. With traditional rates in the doldrums and DeFi protocols on U.S. dollar stablecoins are yielding between 2% to 250% per annum or more, it makes complete sense for institutions to dip their toes into DeFi.

Regulation matters

People like to compare the blockchain revolution to the dotcom revolution. What they fail to remember is that the internet disrupted the flow of information and data, both of which were not regulated and had no existing infrastructure, and it is only in the last few years that such regulations were adopted.

About EMOJIS Farm

EMOJIS.Farm was borne out of a desire to unite the DeFi community and through providing an active and fun reward environment, catalyze user adoption and create a self-sustaining community who can enjoy greater liquidity and stability.











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