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Relaunch: New Consentium App V2.0重新推出:新的嘉信应用程式2.0

Complete rebuilding and reimagining of the Consentium app 彻底改造嘉信应用

Important Dates for Consentium:

  • 17th June — Beta version of the Consentium app ready for community testing. (Do not deposit old CSM (ERC20) on the app. Our new app only accepts new CSM tokens.)
  • July — Consentium Staking and new wallet go live!
  • End of JulyDigifinex resume deposit and enable swap from ERC20 to CSM Chain. Exonium will resume CSM withdrawal but not deposit, until further notice.

Chat apps are becoming the new ecosystems for a world of instant services, combining all the services from different apps into one platform. In this day and age, chat apps are no longer just a platform that allows individuals all around the world to send messages to one another. It is a communication tool used by friends and family as well as businesses to share content, videos, photos and other digital media. Chat apps can simply consolidate the on-demand ecosystem into one single platform.

It is undeniable that the world loves to chat, and social chatting apps have made instant chatting easily accessible. However, cryptocurrency communities rely heavily on chat apps for daily communication and engagement but most of the chat platforms available do not satisfy the needs of cryptocurrency activities.

That’s when Consentium steps in to disrupt the chat app economy.

Two years since our initial app release, we are excited to announce that the beta version of Consentium new app is ready for community testing! An updated version will be released for the Asia and International market in July and August respectively.

Download the beta version for iOS & Android today!

Apple iOS
Step 1: Download the TestFlight app

Step 2: Download the Consentium app

Step 3: Register for an account and set up passwords.

Step 4: You will then need to remember the mnemonic phrase (Do write down on a piece of paper). The mnemonic phrase is extremely important for your wallet security. After taking note of the mnemonic phrase, you will be prompted to re-enter the phrases accordingly. Once you have completed, you are set to join Consentium on its revolutionary journey!

Link to download:

Android users can download straight from the link and follow step 3 & 4.

A Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Chat App

Our app features bridge the gap between a chat app and cryptocurrency wallet. That’s what makes Consentium different from any app you’ve ever used. The cryptocurrency community wants more out of their social media apps. They want a convenient platform that complements their daily activity like trading. Switching between chat app and crypto wallet is such a hassle and thus decreases user experience on the app. By integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into our chat app, you can now perform your transaction without needing to leave the app. This speeds up the process of finding buyers or sellers. Say goodbye to the days of switching between apps just for a transaction!

Cryptocurrency Market Watch

To make tracking the cryptocurrency market more efficient globally by empowering our users with unbiased, high quality and accurate information, Consentium introduces you to our brand new “Market” page. Our users will be able to find important project information and analyse the price chart of the top 10 cryptocurrencies including CSM. Data available includes listing prices, available supply, 24-hour trade volume, and market capitalizations. Never miss out on the price action again!

1-to-1 Interactive Chat Platform

All of us have memorable moments that we wish to share with our friends and family in an instance. With our 1-to-1 Chat function, our app allows you to create, share and produce unique content directly to them!

Occasionally, most of you will meet and chat with different people on apps and admit it, you don’t wish to save everyone’s number to your contacts. Through our username function, chatting became much easier. You can now make new friends by searching for their user ID! Consentium connects you to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Consentium also solves your problem with one-off chats whereby you don’t need to save the buyer/seller’s number on your phone. You can now save the trouble of adding a stranger’s phone numbers to the contact list.

  • Complementing Crypto User’s Activity

By merging a crypto-wallet and chat platform, Consentium enables users to connect with buyers or sellers directly and perform the transaction within the app. We understand that it’s a tedious process to copy and paste the recipient’s address and make sure that there’s no mistake in the address before sending tokens. With Consentium, you can now easily send tokens to in-app users as we enable users to transfer CSM via our Red Packet function. Never worry about sending to a wrong address anymore, just make sure that the recipient has a Consentium account! Stay tuned for updates whereby you will be able to send Red Packet to other users using other cryptocurrencies as well.

Now, with our groundbreaking app, you will never have to experience the hassle just to send cryptocurrencies to your friend! The Consentium Mobile App wallet supports major cryptocurrency like CSM, BTC, ETH and USDT. You can transfer cryptocurrencies just like any other wallet on our app.

  • Accountability and Transparency

In the blockchain universe, accountability and transparency are important and we take that into account. To provide transparency, Consentium’s transaction tracker allows users to monitor the process of a transaction and check transaction history.

Chat group that empowers communities

Consentium groups are a powerful tool for building communities. With our group function, you can now share messages and media to your group of friends, anywhere, anytime! With our groundbreaking app, you are able to organize a holiday, a meal or just keep in touch with friends who are miles apart.

  • Interact with like-minded people

Blockchain enthusiasts are now able to form communities around the globe with Consentium! Consentium’s group chats have revolutionized the way we communicate with friends, family and colleagues.

Looking for people with the same hobby and interest? With our group feature, you can now join and participate in conversations with like-minded people!

You won’t want to feel left out when your friends are talking about the recent trending topics. Stay updated with the latest news shared in Consentium groups and you will never miss out on the latest happenings ever again!

  • Cryptocurrency Community

The process of trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges can be complicated and inconvenient most of the time, especially for new crypto-users. With the tedious KYC process and long waiting time to verify your account on an exchange, it can be annoying for new crypto users. Even if you have an account, 2FA is still required to log in, buy and sell. One must also be cautious and enter the correct wallet address when transferring tokens.

Consentium is the solution to your agony. You can now find buyers and sellers in related groups chat and execute your desired transactions in-app. With Consentium’s multi-currency wallet, trading cryptocurrency becomes easier! You will also be able to send CSM Red Packet to groups as well. Share the joy!

Whether you are new to cryptocurrency, looking to share personal trading experiences or simply want to gain further knowledge in cryptocurrency, you’ll find a Consentium group chat to suit your needs. It is YOUR platform to interact, learn and share knowledge with like-minded people. New crypto users can learn from pioneers and seasoned crypto users can gain more exposure through our group chats.

Want to know more about cryptocurrencies or looking for trading signals?

Look no further! With our user-friendly app, you can have easy access to all crypto-related groups, like crypto-related news, trading signals, education on blockchain, ICO Alert and crypto projects review. Who knows? Your next profit could be from a trading tip shared in a Consentium group!

Consentium is a phenomenal platform to discover intellectually stimulating content and a great place to keep up with the cryptocurrency news cycle.

  • Marketing Group for Businesses

With Consentium, influencer groups and enterprises can use groups to build their communities. Acting as a marketing platform, the group will help their business to build interest and loyalty towards the brand, allowing their followers to get the first update on important news. Businesses can send product release updates, and post business-related media content.

Crypto investors and token holders will want to have first-hand information from the crypto project. Through Consentium group, cryptocurrency projects will be able to release the latest news and partnerships. On the other hand, crypto investors will have greater accountability with crypto projects and invest confidently by following their development and announcement through Consentium.

Are you excited yet? Prepare to be the first few to download our app and join us on our revolutionary journey!

Download the beta version for iOS & Android today!
Link to download:

Connect with us on our social media.
Website: Consentium
Telegram channel: Consentium Official
Facebook: Consentium
Twitter: Consentium

Wechat: gh_ef8940467b01

6月17日 : 嘉信应用程序的测试版准备进行社区试用。(不要将旧的C币存入应用程序. 嘉信新应用仅接受新的C币)
7月: 嘉信质押和新加密货币钱包上线.
7月尾: D网恢复存款并启用从以太坊网络到嘉信链的交换。 嘉库将恢复C币提款,但不会恢复存款, 直至另行通知。















大多数人会在应用程序上见面并与不同的人聊天,但事实是您不希望将每个人的电话号码保存到您的联系人中。通过我们的用户ID功能,聊天变得更加容易。您现在可以通过搜索他们的用户ID结交新朋友! 嘉信可以随时随地将您连接到任何人。



通过合并加密钱包和聊天平台,嘉信用户可以直接与买家或卖家联系并在应用程序内执行交易。我们了解到,复制并粘贴收件人的地址是一个繁琐的过程,并确保在发送加密货币之前地址中没有错误。通过嘉信的”红包功能”转移C币, 您现在可以轻松地向应用内用户发送加密货币。您无需担心发送到错误的地址,只需确保收件人具有嘉信帐户即可!请继续关注更新,以后您将能够使用红包功能发送其他加密货币给其他用户。

现在,借助我们开创性的应用程序, 嘉信应用程序钱包支持主要的加密货币,例如CSM,BTC,ETH和USDT。您可以像在任何其他钱包一样. 在嘉信应用程序中转移加密货币。





区块链社区现在可以与嘉信建立全球群组! 嘉信的群组彻底改变了我们与朋友,家人和同事交流的方式。
















网站: Consentium
Telegram 频道: Consentium Official
Twitter: Consentium
Facebook: Consentium
微信Wechat: gh_ef8940467b01



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