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Social Media — The Catalyst for Cryptocurrency 社交媒体是加密货币成功的关键点

Dogecoin went through the roof after billionaire Elon Musk and other celebrities appeared to back the cryptocurrency on Twitter.

The meme-inspired token rallied to a record high as many bought into DOGE based on speculative reasons. Elon Musk has been joined by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Kiss singer Gene Simmons in posting tweets backing DOGE.

For all the buzz around cryptocurrency in the past decade or so, the industry is still far off the radar of most average internet users.

Social media continues to impact industries in profound ways. One such industry is cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Much of cryptocurrency growth and popularity can be attributed to social media.

From the social forums of digital currency’s humble beginnings to mainstream social media channels, social media and cryptocurrency have a very close relationship indeed.

There’s a ready market for crypto-related information and a growing list of people now are meeting that demand on social media. There is very little you cannot learn on YouTube and the countless crypto-focused Facebook groups. Brands and individuals alike are rushing to meet this glaring need. This has been a hugely positive development, as the amount of valuable, crypto-based content has expanded greatly.

This relationship between social media, cryptocurrency and blockchain continues to evolve in new and exciting ways. The influence of one on the other has even become mutual as cryptocurrency and blockchain technology blossoms. There are even blockchain-based social networks sprouting up.

How the Relationship Between Cryptocurrency and Social Media Works

Bitcoin prices surged to new highs Monday following Tesla’s announcement of purchasing US$1.5 billion BTC and plans to accept BTC as payment method. Elon Musk has also shared various tweets on his personal twitter account about BTC that caused the price to break new heights.

From forums to mainstream social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and others, cryptocurrency is trending. Social media is of course a no brainer, since social is how most people get their news.

In fact, two-thirds of American adults get their news from social media.

This has led to the popularity and growth of digital currency. This is nothing new to marketers. For example, Facebook is one of the most popular social ad choices to reach a large target audience.

In fact, Facebook is also considering cryptocurrency for business growth. “Facebook, with over two billion monthly active users, can basically drive the mass adoption of anything,”

As long as cryptocurrency articles, news, and updates continue to dominate social media news feeds, the future looks bright for crypto-social relationship. Social media and other media outlets can cause cryptocurrency price fluctuations, for better or for worse.

Trending news about a large digital currency exchange hack can cause a significant drop in digital currency value. This presents a big pitfall in the crypto-social relationship.

Cryptocurrencies have always been connected to social networks. The very first real-world transaction completed via bitcoin (BTC) was the purchase of the infamous pizzas — and that was done through a social networking forum.

Today, crypto-based social networks have started sprouting and providing tremendous value to traders and enthusiasts. It’s not just that crypto has benefited from social media. The future looks like crypto-based social media platforms are going to become a mainstay. Consentium is one of the crypto-based social media networks that have been launched since 2018 and we reward users for their involvement in the Consentium network.

Current Social Impact on Cryptocurrency

Social media and forums are still essential for the growth of digital currency and blockchain technology. How so? Well, as cryptocurrency growth continues, people and companies are more interested in investing in it.

To get the most updated crypto-news you will most likely need to turn to social media and forums. For instance, Bitcoin can attribute much of its growth to social forum Reddit.

In fact, Reddit is one of the biggest social influencer platforms. From crypto-enthusiasts to crypto-analysts, they can all be found serving up insight on Reddit. For example, Bitcoin subreddit has detailed information on everything Bitcoin.

Future of Social Media, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Will social media and forums continue to influence the future of cryptocurrency? This will happen for sure, since social media influences just about everything. However, digital currency and blockchain technology has begun to make its own mark in the social space.

Enter blockchain technology. The future of cryptocurrency may be all about utility rather than specific coin value. With potential adoption of blockchain technology around the corner in multiple industries, the role of social influencing cryptocurrency is being reversed.

Blockchain technology could disrupt the current social media construct. In fact, many of the core blockchain concepts are perfect solutions to many current social media pain points.

Blockchain-based social media networks can offer:

  • Truly decentralized social content. A blockchain-based social media network will be decentralized with no central server. This gives control to the users and the content they choose to post. The entire network itself will oversee the management of the social network. No more bending to the whims of Facebook or YouTube.
  • More secure social network. From hackers to government sponsored information sharing, current social media networks are gathering up user information and selling it to the highest bidder. Crypto-based social channels can allow users to maintain their personal and online data and habits. This enhanced security is in many ways a breath of fresh air for social fans.
  • Better consumer payment options. Consumer transactions that happen over social media can be cumbersome, since there are only a handful of ways to make payments. This is also bad for marketers who spend a hefty amount on social ads with poor ROI. A crypto-based social platform can change all that. Users will get more ways to pay, and pay securely.

There is no doubt that social media played a huge role in boosting cryptocurrency to its current status. Global companies are taking a serious look at cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to streamline many of their current, somewhat antiquated business processes.

But the balance does seem to be shifting. Crypto-based social platforms are on the rise and solving many of the issues traditional social networks have in place for both users and businesses.

The relationship between social media, cryptocurrency and blockchain will continue to evolve, and it will do so at lightning speed.

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在亿万富翁埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)和其他名人似乎在推特上支持该加密货币之后,狗狗币突然冒了出来。

基于投机动机,受到模因启发的代币涨至创纪录的新高。 Snoop Dogg和Kiss歌手Gene Simmons等人也加入了Elon Musk,发布了支持DOGE的推文。






在特斯拉宣布购买15亿美元BTC并计划接受BTC作为支付方式之后,周一比特币价格飙升至新高。埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)还在其个人推特帐户上分享了有关BTC的各种推文,这些推特使价格突破了新的高度。


实际上,Facebook还考虑采用加密货币来促进业务增长。 “拥有每月超过20亿活跃用户的Facebook基本上可以推动任何事物的大规模采用。”












  • 真正分散了社会内容。基于区块链的社交媒体网络将被分散,而无需中央服务器。这样可以控制用户及其选择发布的内容。整个网络本身将监督社交网络的管理。不再需要面对Facebook或YouTube的兴致。
  • 更安全的社交网络。从黑客到政府赞助的信息共享,当前的社交媒体网络正在收集用户信息并将其出售给出价最高的人。基于加密的社交渠道可以允许用户维护其个人和在线数据及习惯。在很多方面,这种增强的安全性为社交爱好者提供了新鲜的空气
  • 更好的消费者付款方式。通过社交媒体进行的消费者交易可能很麻烦,因为只有少数几种付款方式。对于在ROI较低的社交广告上花费大量资金的营销人员来说,这也是不利的。基于加密的社交平台可以改变所有这一切。用户将获得更多付款方式和安全付款方式。






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