Summary of Exchanges

Liquidity is an important factor for cryptocurrencies, therefore we are consistently seeking partnership with major exchanges to ensure healthy liquidity for our token holders.

Liquidity provides a clear measurement on how fast a cryptocurrency is bought or sold in the market without compromising the value of the token. Getting listed on cryptocurrency exchanges enhance liquidity for tokens-the more exchanges a token is listed on, the more easily it can be traded by large amounts of people. Consentium understands the importance of liquidity for CSM token holders; hence Consentium has been actively building relationships with major exchanges for potential listing.

Consentium’s Market

Following our listing on HitBTC, we’ve recently announced that trading on LAToken is open! As the #1 exchange in liquidity for newly listed tokens, listing on LAToken will provide better liquidity for CSM token holder.

CSM token is currently listed in two reputable exchanges, LAToken and HitBTC. Please do note that trading and deposit on HitBTC will be temporarily suspended as we are undergoing a smart contract upgrade. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and will update the community as soon as trading resumes on HitBTC. But fret not! Thanks to LAToken’s user-friendly interface, you can still buy and sell CSM easily. 
Click HERE to trade on LATOKEN now! CSM-ETH / CSM-BTC

About Consentium

Consentium is a unique social app that consolidates multi-chat function and multi-crypto wallet into ONE platform. 
With our unique CCM model and lucrative reward system, get ready to be incentivized for your usual daily engagement on chat app! Do take a look at our previous article about CCM Model and User Reward to find out more.

Consentium revolutionizes the way you interact on social app. Stand out among your peers and download the app today!

Click to download: ANDROID /IOS

Stay tuned via our social channels to know more about Consentium and our future activities. We value the feedback of our community users, so please feel free to share your thoughts with us as we keep updating you on our progress!

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