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The Future is Here: Consentium Crypto Chat App That Monetises 聊天应用程序的未来:嘉信

Chat, Transact and Earn on Consentium’s revolutionary crypto chat app. 在嘉信革命性的加密聊天应用程序上聊天,交易和赚钱。

In today’s digital age, the demand for quicker and near-instant replies is only increasing. With our behaviours and lifestyle constantly changing, the applications are also evolving and adapting to fit our needs — from a simple WhatsApp messenger to a workflow-heavy Notion application.

As a digitally reliant society demanding almost instant feedback, it is no doubt that chat applications are one of the most downloaded applications on the iOS store and Android app stores today.

However, even with the wide range of applications available today, the one thing even the most popular chat applications are lacking is the ability to monetise activity on chat applications, which could benefit users. This is where Consentium exists to bridge the links between both — becoming the Platform for Communities.

Consentium is a best-in-class chat application with consumer-to-consumer (C2C) multi-digital currency transfers and a proprietary blockchain, CSM Chain that reward users by staking CSM.

1. Security and Privacy come first.

The high-level chat encryption via SHA-256 Hash algorithm is key to a safe, secure and private chat network. SHA-256 hash algorithm is a one-way cryptographic hash. This hash algorithm generates an almost unique and fixed-size hash while being a one-way function, which means it will be impossible for information transmitted on the platform to be decrypted back.

All users on the platform can be assured that the high-level security and encryption would be the assurance to their privacy.

2. Sustainability for and Recurring Activity of all users.

Besides a low-fee and secure C2C digital cryptocurrency transfers, Consentium is also a multi-cryptocurrency E-Wallet. By allowing conversions from Fiat money to BitCoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), CSM and vice versa, this helps to introduce a sustainable future-proof application that serves to host core businesses and propagate real-world communities — becoming the go-to platform which all businesses and communities will rely on for their communicative needs.

3. The Future of Group Messaging

Group chats today are often widely used — from casual family get-togethers to becoming a marketing platform to directly reach out to potential and existing clients. For Consentium, we are truly challenging the boundaries of group chats and messaging. What if both creators and users of the group chat would benefit by being more active and contributing quality content? This is what happens on Consentium.

A possible feature, VIP groups, far surpass the native idea of ‘ultra-groups’, referring to groups with more than a thousand members. VIP groups allow “influencer” users, which are users with high reputation scores, to create exclusive groups with a paid entrance fee. Celebrities and thought leaders could find this feature useful as a platform for engaging their communities, while generating tangible value for their time and attention.

The question is, what would such a chat application be like for different people, and how would it fit to bring in different communities?

Consentium for Business Owners

Just imagine being a business owner, you would soon be able to create your own exclusive groups to connect with your potential and existing clients. Purchases and secured transactions could be taking place within the groups, not forgetting that the E-Wallet comes in as a convenient addition to attract even the newest of users.

Besides this, Consentium might allow for participating merchants to use CSM to run advertisement content on the platform. This would then serve as another alternative to marketing channels, and in fact, better than existing advertising platforms as it would be

Consentium for Content Creators

While anyone would be able to create content and earn CSM, this open marketplace concept would encourage more competition between content creators and hence, high-quality content would be created and shared across the platform.

Consentium for Developers

Like some existing chat applications out there, bots would be allowed on the platform, allowing developers and even business owners to leverage on this feature to perform services. Just imagine replying to a group chat while also being able to conveniently access a food delivery service and pay for it, all without even leaving the application.

While food delivery is an example of the services bots could do, games within messenger apps are also an untapped but worthy aspect for developers to consider. The stickiness of the game then no longer relies solely on the game and its hooks, as Consentium would have other draws to remind the users of its existence on the smartphone.

Consentium for Everyday People

For the regular people, Consentium’s community and staking system would have a huge part to play in your daily usage of the app.

With this system, it incentivises users to stay active on the app, creating not only a trusted environment of relevant communities, but also benefiting from the group rewards. The percentage of stake reward increases as the more tokens are staked, and this in turn generates accumulative amounts of tokens redistributed to users of Consentium.

Now, it is no longer difficult to imagine that every action you take within a seemingly simplistic chat application could reward you. It is even better to realise that almost anything could be done within the application — from transactions to creating high-quality content — bringing the actuality of what today’s technology could ever provide.

Today, the future is here — Consentium is the Platform for Communities.

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About Consentium

Empowered by the community, Consentium is a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between social communication and cryptocurrency. Our integrated cryptocurrency wallet allows users to send and receive CSM, BTC, USDT and ETH. Within the same app, users can chat with friends and explore different groups of like-minded individuals. By integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into our chat app, users can now perform your transaction without the hassle of leaving the app.

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在当今的数字时代,对快速和近乎即时的答复的需求仅在增加。随着我们的行为和生活方式的不断变化,应用程序也在不断发展和适应以适应我们的需求,从简单的WhatsApp Messenger到工作流程繁重的Notion应用程序。


  1. 安全和隐私至上。
    通过SHA-256哈希算法进行的高级聊天加密是建立安全,私密和私人聊天网络的关键。 SHA-256哈希算法是一种单向加密哈希。这种哈希算法在生成单向函数的同时会生成几乎唯一且大小固定的哈希,这意味着将无法解密在平台上传输的信息。
  2. 所有用户的可持续性和经常性活动。
  3. 群发消息的未来
    如今,群聊通常被广泛使用,从休闲的家庭聚会到成为直接与潜在客户和现有客户接触的营销平台。对于嘉信,我们确实在挑战群聊和消息传递的界限。如果群聊的创建者和用户都将从更加活跃和贡献高质量内容中受益呢?这就是嘉信上发生的情况。VIP组是一个可能的功能,它远远超过了“超组”的原始概念,指的是拥有超过一千名成员的组。 VIP组允许具有较高声誉分数的“影响者”用户创建带有付费入场费的专有组。名人和思想领袖可以发现此功能非常有用,可以作为与社区互动的平台,同时为他们的时间和注意力创造切实的价值。








今天,未来就在这里- 嘉信社区平台。




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Twitter: Consentium
Facebook: Consentium
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