The Initial Community Offering

This is a guest article piece by Jeremy “JJ” Khoo, CEO of iFashion Group and Advisor — Business Development and Partnerships at Consentium.

One of the first few token sales that went straight to exchanges was done on the Binance Launchpad- GIFTO sold out successfully in a matter of seconds really.

Since then, many exchanges have done similar token sales, coining (excuse the pun) a new term — Initial Exchange Offering or “IEO”. What this means is that instead of buying on the token issuer website, customers can buy directly on these exchanges, and thereby having a guaranteed listing of the token for trade after the initial sales.

This brings to mind — why token issuers are doing this, and what benefits can the public possibly get from this move? Consequently, is this the future of all token sales?

Access to private sales

Many who have lost money in ICOs have one main gripe- the significant discounts given to private placement that they do not have access to, which leads to a drastic reduction in prices on trading day below public sale prices. This leads to a more equal opportunity for customers to buy tokens at discounts.

Weeding out Scams

Exchanges have done their extensive due diligence in the token offerings and the companies behind them. By staking their reputation and technology on these offerings, customers can have a great peace of mind that such token sales are conducted with the utmost security and integrity. Similarly, other platforms are able to offer the same level of security in terms of proven technologies.

More Equitable offering of tokens

By having a more diverse and larger number of places to sell tokens, issuers have are able to tap on a wider network other than their own websites. Customers can also access the token offering more readily in their respective channels.

The Initial Community Offering

Consentium is a chat application which allows for multi-cryptocurrency transfers within the app. The team has spoken to multiple upcoming ICOs and has secured strong interest in having a portion of their pre-ICOs and ICOs done directly within the chat app. This of course means that they will cultivate and grow their communities on the Consentium app in itself.

With the secure nature of the Consentium app and wallet, this portion of the ICO can be done without fear of phishing and other scams, as the group admin and associated wallet is clearly demarcated. Also, the issuers can directly sell their tokens to the community.

The Future of Token Sales

Together with ICOs, IEOs and now community offerings, we feel that the future of token sales will be diverse and multi-platform, leading to a more secure and equal token sale landscape.


此篇是由iFashion 集团首席执行官、顾问Jeremy“JJ”Khoo撰写的客座文章 — — 嘉信的业务发展及合作关系


从那时起,许多交易平台进行了类似的代币销售,因此创造了一个新的术语“首次交易平台发行”或“Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)”。这意味着客户们可以直接在这些交易平台上购买代币,而不用在代币发行网站上购买。这也代表首次发行之后,代币保证可以上市交易。