Conservancy to appeal Rivergrass ruling

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida is disappointed with the Court’s ruling today. The Court declined to hear evidence that Rivergrass will cost Collier County taxpayers millions of dollars and will result in widespread worsening of traffic congestion. In addition, the Court declined to hear evidence that Rivergrass Village fails to comply with the Collier County Land Development Code.

The Conservancy intends to appeal to the Florida District Court of Appeal and will make every effort to ensure that the proposed Rivergrass development complies with the intent and mandatory requirements of the Collier County Growth Management Plan and all applicable laws.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has a long and distinguished 57-year history of advocating for solutions that balance the needs of our growing community and preservation of our natural resources. The pursuit of our mission and science-based policy have guided us through this process as we legally challenge these precedent-setting issues that will negatively impact an extensive amount of environmentally sensitive lands.

While we are disappointed in the ruling, we are here to serve our community by protecting our land, water and wildlife and securing a better future for ourselves and future generations. This is the mission of the Conservancy that we serve proudly, and we are grateful to our supporters and members who continue to stand with the Conservancy.




Media Updates and Press Releases from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida

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Conservancy of SWFL

Conservancy of SWFL

Protecting Southwest Florida's unique natural environment and quality of and forever.

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