Weekly Reads | 1st March

Having a clear mind while everything is moving. This week was a little bit chaotic, still we’ll stick to our schedule. So here we go with the weekly reads:

1. The first world wide web browser
Have you ever wondered how the first web browser looked like? With its 30th anniversary a team at CERN recreated the first web browser.

2. iconsvg.xyz
It’s a super nice website to quickly access a number of svg icons. Before using the icon you could easily adopt it to your needs. Handy tool!

3. Things i don’t know as of 2018
Dan Abramov is a known member of the React Community and co-creator of redux. He is super smart and knows a lot, but still he’s just as we are. It’s a good reminder to not underestimate yourself. Nobody is perfect 🙌🏻

4. Imgproxy
With PWAs everywhere, i still observe a lot of unoptimized images all over the web. Imgproxy is a simple but still impressive tool to experiment with responsive images locally.

5. GraphQL Nexus
Need a kickstart with graphql? Look no further and checkout Nexus by the talented team at Prisma.

Enjoy your friday and see you again next week 👋