Weekly Reads | April 5th

Frank Rittinger
Apr 4, 2019 · 1 min read

The most interesting development related links the team read about this week, summarized by Frank Rittinger.

This week we will have a look at the server side of life and into microservices and serverless architectures with some tutorials.

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  1. A quick guide to microservices with the micronaut framework
    In our company Spring Boot/Cloud is the de-facto standard for Java microservices. However there are other frameworks worth having a look at.
  2. Setup of a Local Kubernetes and Istio Dev Environment
    Sometimes it’s more convenient as a developer to work on your local environment (for example on the train in Germany). This article gives insights on how to set up a local Kubernetes environment without the overhead of a real cluster.
  3. 10 Tips for Building and Managing Containers
    This article presents bets practices on how to work with Docker conatiners and Kubernetes clusters.
  4. API Development Using AWS Serverless Architecture
    A small example in settiung up a serverless application on AWS which touches the standard components in AWS you will encounter most of the time while developing in the serverless stack.
  5. From Zero to Kubernetes: The Fast Track
    A brief tutorial on setting up a Kubernetes cluster with a minimal Spring boot application.


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