Weekly Reads | December 28th

The most interesting development related links the team read about this week, summarized by Jurek Barth.

Enjoy some free time after christmas and get ready for 2019! Photo by Thought Catalog

1. It’s go-time for GraphQL
This talk is inspiring and could help you to get your CTO convinced of graphql. I can say that as a frontend developer i love graphql and the power it gives to you. For all you backend guys you’ll love it aswell, as it can help us work more closely together.

2. CSS Environment Variables
You may already use CSS Variables, but you might also know you cannot use them in @-rules. Thats because the variable could change any time. That’s where CSS environment variables come into place. Cool for experimental stuff, not ready yet for the big stage.

3. Inspecting Docker Images
Debugging docker images is hard, when you’re more familiar with frontend technologies it’s getting even harder. Dive let’s you inspect every layer of your docker image, so it’s easier to find missing or wrong copied files.

4. The Power of Web Components
Web Components might become more popular in 2019, because every up to date browser is now able to display them, even with shadow dom everything looks quite good. Potch goes through the history and the upcoming changes in the web components standard in 2019.

5. Shipping ‘Belonging’ with GraphQL & Apollo at Airbnb
I’m always facinated how others are implementing new features into a website. This talk Adam Neary gives you a glimpse how things are done at Airbnb. How much code generation is done automatically and so on.

Thanks for reading and see you in 2019 🙌