Weekly Reads | December 7th

The most interesting development related links the team read about. This week, summarized by Deborah Köpfer.

Clean code concepts for JS
A nice overview of some clean code concepts to reduce the wtfs/minute while doing code review.

Non toxic code review
Basically don’t be a d**k. Be constructive and support each other — it’s a great way to learn from each other.

Functional Programming
A four-part series introduction functional programming in JavaScript that gets you up to speed what the hype is all about.

Using code in presentations can be a pain. I love using carbon to quickly create beautiful slides 💅🏻

And last but not least, time for some fun:

Regex Crossword
Enter the world of nerdy regex fun and challenge yourself in different levels.

Enjoy your weekend and the second advent 🕯️🕯️