Weekly Reads | February 1st

A warm hello from a cold day of winter. Warm up your day with the most useful development related links the team read about this week, summarized by Moe Mahdiani.

Photo by Regis F on Unsplash
  1. Caching Tutorial
    A nice article which explains about Web Caches, how they work and how to handle them.
  2. Managing Resources across Multiple Environments in AWS
    The article explain how we can have different development environments in one AWS account.
  3. Error handling in AWS Lambda triggered by SQS events
    AWS Lambda has default retry behavior once it fails. Setting up a Dead Letter Queue to handle errors when AWS Lambda function triggers by SQS can save you from unpredicted cost.
  4. Amazon CloudFront and CORS
    How to handle CORS in CloudFront when it serves static website hosted in a S3 bucket.
  5. Jenkins environment variables
    Define and use Global and Local Environment Variables in Jenkins build process.

And enjoy the rest of your day. T.G.I.F