Weekly Reads | February 8th

We at VI recently started to use Web Components as our new standard for building component driven and modular frontends. To make interacting with the DOM even easier we choose to use hyperhtml and hyperhtml element. With both together we built biotope-element. It’s our open source web component starting point. While working on a client project I was about to inline some svg icon. I was googleing how to include that svg with hyperhtml. I almost gave up and stumbled on a medium post where the author described how to insert html. It was easy and I was again reading the docs for hyperhtml to check if i missed something. I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Once again I remembered how hard it is as an author of software to be the person who also write comprehensive documentation.

Good documentation is a key factor for open source projects and if you use a library or tool you should try to give back. For us as users of that software it’s often easier to enhance documentation or raise awareness for it, than implementing new features. Instead of documenting these things for your very own, try to enhance the source documentation.

Tools — Photo by Barn Images

With that in mind let’s get into our weekly reads:

1. Simplicity as Feature
We as developers and designers often tend to making thing more complicated as they needed to be for our clients and their customers. Often a simple approach fits the problem well enough. As Max points out, we should always try to answer the question: Does it benefit our user?

2. Limiting Javascript
As the title says, browser vendors are experimenting with limiting the amount of resources a website could load. This article gives some insights on whats going on in the industry.

3. Where should we implement logic and rendering in our applications? 
A comprehensive article on where to render content. From server rendering to SPA.

4. Whats new in ES2019
This article gives you an overview of the features we’ll get this year in JS.

5. PWAs in Google Play Store 
PWAs come a long way. From being an almost Google only experiment to lasts year support of service workers in Safari. They made a huge step again, as they can now be listed in the Google Play Store.

Have a great friday and a relaxed weekend 👋