Weekly Reads January the 4th

Once upon a time there was a little developer. She roamed the realms of code which was a dangerous field to adventure in.

To fight the evils bugs inhabiting the fields of code her master handed her a mighty weapon: The CLI-Toolbox of destiny.

There never was a situation where this everlasting box ran out of uses. The developer was a generous one and did not want to keep the power for herself.

So here she wrote down some of the most useful features she encountered. Enjoy and choose wisely:

  1. Undollar
    The developer often needed help from others, so she copy pasted some commands which left her with an $ in the beginning and a “$ command not found” error. This tool helped her as it automatically removes the $ in the beginning of pasted commands.
  2. TLDR
    Even the master of the CLI-Toolbox had to start somewhere. This tool helped a lot if she didn’t know the use of a command by summarizing the uses in short sentences.
  3. up
    After taking the wrong road, the developer often had to turn around and walk back several crossroads. This tool helped her to jump back as far as she wanted. She never had to use ‘../’ again.
  4. cloc
    Her backpack often grew very cluttered as she put more and more stuff in. To see potential for reducing size of things, she used this tool to show her the lengths of her scripts.
  5. caniuse-cmd
    Everybody knew the wise man caniuse.com, but now there was this tool to call him all the time without visiting. Basically cli access of caniuse.

And the story goes on and on, but enough for today. I hope you enjoyed our litte storytime and have learned of one or another new tool you can add to your arsenal.

Happy weekend and a bugfree 2019 🥳

Marc Emmanuel