Weekly Reads | November 16th

The most interesting development related links the team read about. This week, summarized by Lukas Müller. (Including a 🔥 hot tip 🔥!)

Grab a coffee and enjoy! Photo by Annie Spratt
  1. Goodbye Electron, Hello Desktop PWAs
    Desktop Applications like Slack, VSCode or Discord are built with JavaScript using Electron. A recent Chrome Version has released support for Desktop PWAs on Linux and Windows. This article by DailyJS takes a closer look at these exciting news.
  2. The Forgotten History of OOP
    A very interesting dive into the history of object oriented programming. If you’re interesting in why OOP programming works the way it does and how that way came to be, you should check this out.
  3. These are the concepts you should know in React JS (after you learn the basics)
    A beginner-friendly look at React by freeCodeCamp. If you’re done watching Wes Bos’ newbie-tutorial, you should read this to make sure you understood the most important concepts.
  4. Squoosh
    See WebAssembly in action as it compresses your images down to up to a tenth of it’s original size. Impressive as hell, handy as hell.
  5. Web.dev
    Start using the most modern web best practices today. This website will help you with easy to read and do tutorials. In no time your website will be up to date. 🕐

And finally the hot tip:🔥 Local change diff in Chrome 🔥

As pointed out by Umar Hansa in his blog, Chrome has the very useful feature of showing a diff of your local changes in the dev tools.

Ever had to work with non-developers before? Sitting next to people and showing them changes directly in the browser is the most powerful thing you can do as a developer. After a nice change-everything-design-session how do you get your CSS changes then?

This is where the changes tab in the Chrome dev tools comes in handy. Open it by pressing ESC in the dev tools to bring up the console, open the three dot menu and choose “Changes”. Then change some CSS et voilà!

Here’s a handy guide, courtesy of Umar Hansa.

A small disclaimer: This tool is less than useful with minified files. It freezes your entire dev tools window when you have it open and make changes.