Weekly Reads | November 23rd

The most interesting development related links the team read about. This week, summarized by Jurek Barth

Have you ever heard of the chicken egg problem? JS solves that check it out here

1. mkcert 
Generate locally-trusted development certificates. Make your local environment https ready today without untrusted certs 🙌

2. Loading JS in 2018
Phil Walton explains how we can serve ES next to modern browsers today, with fallback solution for older browsers. He also describes the performance gains that come with that change.

3. The future of WebAssembly
WebAssembly is a promising solution to get native performance in your browser. Examples like squoosh are impressive, even though WebAssembly just landed V1. This article looks in the bright future of WebAssembly and where it should go.

4. Peeking under the hood of redesigned Gmail
Performance is a key measurement for Googles Dev Advocates. Interesting enough one of Googles core products seems to be slow and sluggish. An interesting performance analysis of Gmails recent redesign.

5. The All Powerful Front End Developer
Chris Coyier talks about the power of frontend and where it stops. As he says: “The frontend developer skillset only starts being limited when you need custom backend development and server ops”, he explains why the power increases by serverless functions such as AWS Lambda does.

Have an stupendous weekend 👏