Weekly Reads | November 29th

All the nice dev links this week summarized by Marc Emmanuel

1. Curry in JS
When you want to write functional code it is significant to understand the importance of curry (not the food 🥣). If you rather read code than theory, read this article about curry in JS.

2. Accessible Styles
Have you ever hidden the annoying focus border on an input field? Yep, me too. Here is why you shouldn’t and a bunch of other useful rules to style and keep accessibility.

3. HTM
Want to use JSX without a compiler? It’s 700bytes heavy and could be compiled down to zero overhead when using a babel plugin. A perfect fit for browser extensions or super simple setups without any node server.

4. CSS Grid in IE
Autoprefixer is awesome. It fixes almost everything, but for a long time it did not auto prefix all versions of CSS Grid, namely for IE. Thanks to Autoprefixer we are now able to use CSS Grid in all major browsers without prefixing manually.

5. TheF*ck
Besides its rude naming this tool saved me lots of times from rewriting my commands in the command line. Install it, try it, you don’t want to miss it again.

Enjoy the rest of your friday and a happy first advent 🕯️