Weekly Reads | November 9th

The most interesting development related links the team read about this week, summarized by Frank Rittinger.

This week, we will take a look deeper into the backend at how to build reliable cloud architectures.

  1. 9 fundamentals of a successful microservice design
    Microservices are the deal of the day. This article provides an overview and can help to start microservice projects or to quickly create some management/customer presentations … ;-)
  2. 101 AWS Security Tips: Securing your AWS environment
    AWS provides endless possibilities to do great stuff but also to mess up your security settings. This list of concrete tips helps to avoid the worst errors.
  3. How to build an effective container-based local development environment
    An interesting summary of a talk on how to keep your developing infrastructure close to the production environment and make it easy to onboard new team members.
  4. Keep your automated testing simple and avoid anti-patterns
    A nice read on how to keep things simple and maintainable.
  5. How to build your next app at 4x the speed
    This article provides some interesting ideas on how to use existing persistence services and not need a backend implementation at all, to quickly build single page applications.
  6. How to build a static site e-commerce with Jekyll, Contentful and Commerce Layer
    Headless CMS are a great way to create platforms that are not centered around a CMS but use the CMS as one more services. In this blog post the author explains how to build an e-commerce site with a headless CMS.

Thanks for reading an a marvelous Weekend 🍺🖖