Weekly Reads | October 26th

The most interesting development related links the team read about this week, summarised by Marc Wißler

1. Polyfill just what you need to
A great way to just load polyfills in browsers which need them. Reduce your page load time.

2. The state of javascript
A nice 10min conclusion video about the current state of javascript and its way there.

3. Smart bundling for legacy browsers
Read about how to move your project to just compile, prefix and polyfill where you need to. This way you will save some time loading.

4. 33 JS-Concepts
A huge collection of links about the most important js-concepts every js developer should have heard of.

5. Load nicely
Just look at those nice (mostly) CSS only loaders. You may want to use one in your next project.

Once again we wish you a happy weekend 🍾