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Consonanceng is now Consonance Club

Incase you don’t know, we have changed our Twitter handle from @Consonanceng to @Consonaceclub to resonate with our website (not launched yet). Sadly, we still need more followers on Twitter, so we implore you to go follow us on our new handle, retweet us, and respond to our tweets, let’s promote this, Thank you.

Welcome to this week’s newsletter, like we said last week, we are resolute to keep this coming every week, we have collated the best resource for your development this week, so don’t let this newsletter rot in your mail instead, keep digging into the links here to grow.

Check Google’s new App for Coding — Link
New Gmail features, what you need to know — Link
Globacom to Partner with Huawei for new Fibre Optic Infrastructure — Link
Why Osibajo didn’t visit any Female Tech company for #VPTourTech — Link
Safaricom wants to become a social network — Link

Augmented Reality from A to Z — know your Metas from your Moverios — Link
How to think like a programmer — lessons in problem solving — Link
A Beginner’s Guide to CSS Grid — Link
Meet Material-UI — your new favorite user interface library — Link
What exactly is Node.js? — Link


MTN Venture Incubation Programme for Digital Marketers — Link
Tech Women and Emerging Leaders Program 2018 — Link
2018 Clean Energy Innovation Challenge — Link
Call for Applications: Internet Freedom Forum Fellowship 2018 — Link
SHE Leads Africa Accelerator Programme 2018 — Link
British Finance Council is looking for a support intern — Link


Fall ArmyWorm Tech Prize May 4 — Link
#GirlsSlayCode: It’s Our Hour of Code May 11 — Link
Figma Lagos Meetup (I would be attending this one) May 5 — Link
Vanhack-Nigeria Meetup May 1 — Link
FarmHack NG 2.0 Coming to Lautech May 25 — Link
How Blockchain Can Help You Fund Your Startup May 3 — Link

*Consonance: Community Roadmap — Read Here
*Consonance; The African Synergy — Read Here
*Star Developer Series: Jonathan Z. White — Read Here
*Star Developer Series: Adewale Abati Acekyd — Read Here
*Star Developer Series: Omolara Adejuwon — Read Here

Well the twitter page got you covered, if you’re not following on twitter, you can do so here

Don’t forget to be awesome and what you do.
Don’t forget to be exceptional in your approach.
There is always a spotlight ready to shine on anyone that is ready to put in the work but there is none for someone looking for a spotlight without going through the process.

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A community of techies with stories to tell and a mission to build Africa.

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