Car Stuck in Flooded Basement? Here Are Some Suggestions What to Do

Flooded Parking Lot

If your car is flooded in the basement. Removal of car and checking can cost you heavily here are some tips to save money.

  • Before you do anything shut-off any source of power in and around the basement.
  • Irrespective of the water source wear boots and gloves. Wearing a mask is also preferable.
  • Find out how deep is the car Submerged
  • Don’t start the car, call a mechanic or push it in a driveway.
  • Call your insurance company because it’s good to get started with insurance early because later their calls will start flooding with claims
  • If water has gone inside the car then open the door and start drying the car with towels or dryer if you have. If the condition is worst then better to change the carpet in below.
  • If the level of oil is high or if you find water on the dipstick, don’t start the vehicle. Have it towed to the mechanic and get it cleaned
  • Check all other fluids Brake, clutch, power steering and coolant reservoirs should be checked for contamination.
  • Check all the electrical systems head lights, air conditioning, and interior lights.
  • Check for wheels and breaks. especially look for the for debris around breaks and under body.
  • If you are planning on buying a car also inquire if it was affected by flood and buy

If you don’t have any protection for your basement but install protection now, then these can come handy

  • Consider purchasing a backwater valve. This is one of the things you can do to prevent water from flooding in basement
  • If your home already has a backwater valve. then consider checking it at least once in six months. It can be checked this way
  • Devices like backwater valves and sump pumps need periodic cleaning and maintenance. Be sure to consult a plumber for service.
  • Store valuables in upper floors of your home
  • Installation of Shut up valve is also an option

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