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Oct 19, 2018 · 5 min read

Part 6 of 7 — The dawn of a new era of adding value to people’s lives with technology.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you have achieved, everyone has an aspect of life they would like to improve. Even when life is outstanding, we can always grow and become more. Progress is good: it makes us feel alive.

What alarms me, is many of life’s most pressing problems have grown increasingly complex over a short period of time — and the rate of change is rising. For all the change through human invention in our outer world, the human species has remained largely unchanged for 500,000 years.

To progress in anything, you have to have something to aim at; and man’s search for meaning has been a perpetual question. Historically, there have been answers in the form of things that brought structure; organisation and grouped people: from the nation state, to religion and labour.

These things historically organised us, brought structure and a sense of purpose (be they agreeable and pleasurable or not), but they are rapidly falling away. As a species we are not prepared for the incomprehensible changes coming.

Our research shows that, today, people are challenged by the meaning and emotion they give to impactful parts of life; such as money, health, their relationships with other people, and with themselves. If we feel this way now, how will people feel twenty years from now when life as we know it is no more? When high-earning jobs are displaced, non-fiat-based currencies are dominant, political systems are restructured and the business models of entire countries are then called into question?

The good news is that it’s now possible to meaningfully apply the most powerful technology the world has, to extending human capability; getting more from our minds and improving quality of life. Ninety percent of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years. The quantity is increasing at an incomprehensible rate, matched by technology that’s able to make use of it. Data trails we’ve left in every product and service we’ve used can now be used to our benefit.

The bad news is that a vast amount of this data and technology is used by a few dominant companies with near market monopolies in everyday life areas - like search and social networking - to manipulate the people using them into actions that may not serve them.

To be clear, I am grateful to these companies for their contributions to the world, because I have benefited from the products they’ve created. In the earlier on-line era, enduring the annoying interruption of an ad for something you didn’t want, to gain access to online experiences, seemed fair and tolerable. I also know that they employ outstanding people with good intentions, because I have interviewed a large number of them for roles at Constellation.

The disaster is that these companies; which have the scale, technological capability, data and economic resources for mass manipulation of people; decide what we see and read, where we go, how we get there, who we communicate with, what we buy and more. They could all turn their efforts to improving your quality of life and could do it very well, but they aren’t going to.

These tech titans won’t do it because they make too much money from their existing business models, have near-term public profit expectations that excessively influence their thinking; and need to be rebuilt from a value system and ethical framework to improve your life in a purist way. Unless they are willing to tell Wall Street they will invest billions to destroy their current business, they are on borrowed time. Even if that time is another one or two decades.

At Constellation, we believe human progression and purpose will be easier to discover and reach if we amplify and extend human capability; with artificial intelligence that is dedicated to improving your quality of life. Our technology will empower people to live with a sense of clarity, focus and power. We are committed to your success and fulfilment, on your terms.

Constellation is fortunate to have been created by founders with the net-worth and network to secure capital and take a long-term view. We’re a ‘for-profit’ company, but we’ve been created at a time when there are high-value business models that allow us to do well by doing good — and we don’t have a legacy or hangover of doing exceptionally well by doing bad. Our long-term view and deep pockets, relative to a regular start-up, have enabled us to make several deep-technology breakthroughs in the field of AI: with vast and valuable applications.

Our technology platform is able to make infinitely more deductions and inferences across disparate, complex, noisy data sources: identifying and creating relationships, trends and patterns, that would be impossible for a human being to make alone. In doing this and having the capability to use human-like language to discuss it, we believe we can help people create meaningful life outcomes. Of course, we are on version 0.1 of this and have some way to go before we’ve truly extended human intelligence with a tertiary AI layer. We’ve taken the first steps and got past a point of succeeding with technology that no one else had.

This same technology platform is how we will create economic value; in a way that keeps our interest in serving consumers aligned to their quality of life. We have started engaging companies about applications of the platform, with overwhelmingly positive reception. We welcome outreach from companies that want to get ahead and pilot next level AI.

In truth, it’s not binary. The big tech companies are doing some good things. But, just like the auto industry, sometimes first principles thinking (which Tesla exhibits in spades) is the best and fastest way to make an impactful, positive change. Mercedes, BMW and other brands are scrambling under the pressure of the regulation and competition. I see the same happening in our industry and I see how our first principles thinking to AI and human life can win out.

Constellation AI’s app imi is currently in beta testing stage. Sign up here for the wait list.

Constellation AI

We’re building an AI that’s good for people, by making machines fluent in human.

Constellation AI

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Constellation AI

We’re building an AI that’s good for people, by making machines fluent in human.

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