Blockchain Leader Constellation Network Partners with IoT Network Helium to Expand Data Connectivity Capability and Lower Costs

Former Dor CEO Michael Brand appointed Chief Product Officer to oversee development and introduction of hardware development

Constellation Network, a Web3 blockchain ecosystem that bridges crypto economies with traditional businesses, announces a partnership with IoT data network provider Helium that lays a strong foundation for efficient blockchain, IoT, and hardware connectivity in 2022. The partnership will enable forthcoming new hardware devices from Constellation to run autonomously, be placed virtually anywhere, and run at data costs of less than $2 USD per year. The announcement follows Constellation’s October acquisition of pioneering foot traffic monitoring device maker Dor, which enables thousands of retailers to securely and anonymously capture and analyze consumer movement data.

Constellation appointed Dor Founder and CEO Michael Brand to the new Chief Product Officer role, leading all development of IoT connected devices for the company moving forward. He views the new Helium partnership as a critical next step. “Not only are we able to include all sensory and communications hardware in a single, easy-to-use device” Brand explains, “but we’re now able to continuously and autonomously provide retailers with data that will help them optimize their business.”

The Dor device gives companies a continuous stream of complex data about people — such as customer conversion rates and marketing campaign effectiveness — but keeps all personal information anonymous. Using thermal sensing technology to track consumer foot traffic, Dor is capable of sharing data without ever reading or recording PII (personally identifying information) about a single person.

Brand created Dor after he discovered that physical retailers’ access to useful data was rudimentary and significantly behind in capturing the minute details available to online competition. Designed to overcome that data handicap while preserving an individual’s privacy, the Dor device was a natural fit for “The People’s Network” from Helium. The current battery-powered Dor unit is entirely wireless and can be installed by simply peeling the backing off the adhesive tape and sticking the device in place. Competitive products typically require professional hard-wiring and system management, which can cost retailers thousands of dollars. Forthcoming Helium compatible devices will eliminate the need for integration to the on-site IT infrastructure and eliminate the previous model’s cellular data base entirely.

To further strengthen its position as a Web3 leader, Constellation plans to leverage the Dor device and Helium partnership as a tool to validate the relevance of blockchain technology to brick and mortar businesses. Now rebranded as the Dor Traffic Miner, it allows people and businesses to earn crypto rewards while they count foot traffic data. “Our passion is the rapid proliferation of blockchain technologies to enhance the lives and businesses of everyone,” said Ben Jorgensen, CEO, and Co-Founder of Constellation Network. “Bringing that to fruition requires developing products and partnerships that strip away the technical and economic barriers to entry — something we are so excited to be able to offer with our Dor devices running on Helium.” The Helium partnership allows for the rapid scaling of the Dor device footprint and enables the secure and private transfer of millions of data points from Helium through Constellation’s Hypergraph Network at faster speeds than ever before.

The Constellation and Helium collaboration represents a new phase of Web3, where hardware and blockchain technology come together to provide businesses with transformative data that can help them better understand their customers.

To learn more about this partnership, register for an episode of The Uplink on February 1, 2022 at 12 pm PT.




We’re a Web3 infrastructure, and our Hypergraph Protocol (HGTP) is a 120 Node Network with zero transaction fees, built for speed, security and scalability.

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