Constellation Network’s Dor Traffic Miner: Installation Bounty Activated

Constellation Network
Constellation Network
1 min readJan 3


The first batch of Constellation Network’s Dor Traffic Miners (DTMs) have begun to reach recipients and are successfully being installed.

As of January 3, 2023, the installation bounty of 500,000 additional $DAG rewards has been activated. This brings the total DTM reward pool to 5 million $DAG.

How the Installation Bounty Works
Once you successfully install your DTM device, you will qualify for the installation bounty pool and will receive up to a maximum of 100 additional $DAG per day per device.

Installation includes powering on your physical hardware, connecting to a network, and installing in any doorway.

Once this bounty has been paid out to all who qualify, the remaining $DAG in the installation bounty pool will be distributed equally among the remaining DTM holders along with baseline rewards.

More about the DTM
Visit for more information on the Dor Traffic Miner and to purchase a device.

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