Constellation Network’s Fractional Soft Node Staking Program is Now Live

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Constellation Network
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Constellation Network’s fractional soft node staking program is now live on the Lattice Gateway platform.

$DAG holders may stake their $DAG for the first three days of each month to participate in the soft node program for that month and accumulate rewards.

Stakers who own less than the required 250,000 $DAG for a full soft node can now stake any amount of $DAG (minimum 100 $DAG) on the platform to receive a share of the soft node staking rewards pool. Rewards for fractional soft node stakers are limited to 50% of the pool that full soft node stakers who reach the 250K $DAG threshold qualify for. Once a staker reaches the 250K $DAG threshold, the full soft node staking rewards pool unlocks and rewards are doubled.

From the sample screenshot above you can see that each increment of 250K $DAG is treated as 1 node/shard, while staked amounts of $DAG less than 250K are treated as fractional shards. Each full shard qualifies the staker for rewards from the full soft node rewards pool, while each fractional shard qualifies stakers for the 50% rewards pool.

For example, if you stake 505,000 $DAG, you would have 2.02 shards (250k x 2 = 2 shards + 5,000/250K = 0.02 shards) qualifying you for full soft node rewards for the 2 full shards and fractional shard rewards from the 50% pool for the remaining 0.02 shard.

Note: This change to the soft node staking program does not impact the reward structure for hardware validator node operators.

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