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Designed for the future of Web3 with interoperability in mind, Constellation’s Stargazer cryptocurrency wallet, now featuring biometric login on mobile devices, is the official $DAG/$LTX and ecosystem wallet for iOS , Android or Chrome. Stargazer wallet is cross-chain compatible with the Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and Avalanche networks. It supports zero transaction fees for peer-to-peer transfer of $DAG and all upcoming L0 tokens running on Constellation’s Hypergraph.

There are many advantages to using Stargazer Wallet including:

NEW! Biometric Login

Log in to your Stargazer mobile wallet on IOS or Android conveniently using your device’s face or touch ID functionality

Cross-Chain Compatibility

Store, transact, and interact with $DAG and supported ETH/ERC-20 tokens along with tokens on the Polygon, Avalanche, and BSC networks. Pay zero transaction fees to send and receive $DAG and all upcoming L0 tokens on Constellation’s Hypergraph.

Secure and Non-Custodial

Your wallet comes with a 12-word seed phrase for added security — you own and control your assets and transactions at all times, including your seed phrase.

Buy with Debit or Credit Cards

We’ve partnered with Simplex to make buying $DAG, $LTX and hundreds of other tokens with a debit or credit card a painless process.

Cross-Chain Swaps

We’ve partnered with Exolix to support swapping $DAG, $LTX with hundreds of other tokens on other blockchains through a straightforward process right in the wallet.

Multiple Addresses

Create multiple addresses with unique key pairs within your wallets. Diversify your holdings across addresses within the same wallet for enhanced security and privacy.

QR Codes

Quickly and securely copy wallet addresses using the built-in QR code reader. Just scan the QR code of the cryptocurrency address you want to add using your camera.

Import Private Keys

If you have a wallet with multiple addresses, easily import an individual address via your private key, rather than importing all the existing addresses linked to your wallet.

NFT Support

View all your NFTs including your Dor Traffic Miner NFTs within Stargazer. All the items in your collection link out to their respective NFT platforms, such as OpenSea.

Bitfi Support

Connect your Bitfi hardware wallet with Stargazer to interact with Web3 applications in the most secure context possible.

Tutorials and Downloads

Find useful tutorials on installing and using the Stargazer wallet.

Download Stargazer to get started!

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Calling all developers:

Constellation Network is actively seeking developers who want to build with us, join our ecosystem, and launch their projects on the Hypergraph.

We look forward to working with you!

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