Constellation’s Dor Traffic Miner (DTM) Batch 2: Redemption and Shipping

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Redemption is now available for everyone who has pre-purchased a Dor Traffic Miner (DTM) device, including those with device numbers 314 and upward.

You may redeem your DTM NFT for a hardware device through the DTM redemption platform on the Lattice Gateway.

Please check this article for detailed redemption instructions:

DTM Shipping and Installation

DTM device shipments will commence for all redeemed NFTs in order by NFT number at the end of March and will continue through May. When your DTM ships, you’ll receive an email with tracking information.

Once you receive your device, you’ll need to download the DTM management app and follow the installation instructions.

Please check this article for more information on downloading the app and installing your DTM:

Once you successfully install your DTM, you’ll qualify for an installation bounty with a maximum reward of an additional 100 $DAG per day over the baseline rewards amount.

Shipping New Orders on Demand

After all pre-orders have shipped through May of this year, new orders from our Shopify store will move to immediate NFT redemption and shipping.

Note: As mentioned in an earlier Medium post, we have an enterprise DTM customer who has purchased 3,000 units. Redemption and shipping of these units will be handled separately.

DTM Foundation NFT

The NFT associated with the first generation of 5,000 DTMs will be categorized as a “Foundation NFT.” We’ll do this by adding a “foundation” type attribute to the meta-data of each NFT. Only 5,000 will ever be minted, and each will hold special privileges that unlock over time. We’ll release new types of NFTs as we roll out future generations of DTM devices.

More about the DTM
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