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Early adopter stage of discovery is over, now is the time to reward people for work and contribution.

On June 6th, we will be witnessing the first Hypergraph halvening. This will reduce the overall distribution of DAG rewards by 50%.

The timing of the Hypergraph halvening aligns ideally with the current stage of our ecosystem’s evolution. Over the last few years, rewards have been used to attract new community members, loyalists to our mission, customers, partners, datapreneurs, and use cases across industries beyond early generations of blockchain’s capabilities. The halvening is occurring just before we bring many data driven use cases and utility to Constellation, thus not disrupting existing businesses on the Hypergraph. It is in a way a new starting point, with new expectations, as we shift our focus to on-chain metrics.

Reward Adjustments

In addition to the halvening, we will be shifting DAG rewards back to those providing resources to the network by deprecating the Soft Node program at the end of June. At the same time we will be opening up a third network, called IntegrationsNet (an additional testnet), which will be specifically used for metagraph support. For IntegrationNet, nodes will be required to post 250k collateral DAG to participate.

Those holding Soft Nodes, will receive a number for each shard which will enter them into a lottery to become an IntegrationNet node. The lottery will then take place in the months of June and July to randomly select individuals to join the IntegrationNet. Soft Node participants will receive a number for each active soft node shard. In addition, IntegrationNet nodes will have the ability to be selected for Mainnet nodes as spots become available.

Starting from July 10th, Mainnet, Testnet, and IntegrationNet, nodes will see an increase in rewards while overal network rewards are reduced by half.

New reward pool allocations:

Hypergraph Networks (Today):

650 available node spots — Opportunities to expand when the network is open.


  • Accommodate 300 nodes (roughly 150 spots currently available).
  • Mainnet nodes validating real transactions and being rewarded directly from the network with DAG. As metagraphs spin up, node operators can receive rewards from metagraphs.

IntegrationsNet (New):

  • Accommodate 300 nodes (300 spots currently available)Nodes that host a test network with stable protocol versions — latest and prerelease versions. This network will be used specifically for metagraph support and testing new use cases in the stable environment.
  • Rewards come from the IntegrationNet reward pool distributed through Lattice.
  • Must participate in IntegrationNet to be selected for Mainnet.

Testnet (existing testnet and separate):

  • Maintain 50 nodes (0 spots currently available)
  • Nodes host the experimental network with bleeding edge protocol features. Requires frequent updates and restarts from node operators.
  • Rewards come from the Testnet rewards pool distributed through Lattice.

Data Rewards Pool, Dor Traffic Miners, and Grants

Predominantly, the Data Rewards Pool has been used to accommodate the Dor Traffic Miner (DTM). Our vision was to show people how Web3 communities and alternative assets, as a programmatic incentive, can attract Web2 legacy technology in IoT and Big Data Industries. Constellation has historically been a category creator in the Web3 industry as we have approached a radical network design to be flexible with Web2 use cases. Just as crypto was used to create discoverability around protocol networks, DAG is used as an incentive to discover new use cases and opportunities for distributed networks.

Over the course of the next year, we will be extending grants, in the form of DAG, to projects and companies, using the Data API/Framework. The DAG will be used for collateral required to host a metagraph or alternatively for using to secure a snapshot on the Hypergraph. Each Metagraph requires three mainnet nodes and three Integration nodes. To be eligible for a grant, projects will be required to showcase their use case on Testnet. This is an incredible way for a project to acquire multiple nodes on the Hypergraph.

If you have any questions and would like to showcase your use case, please contact grants@constellationnetwork.io and join our main Discord Group.

Process for Grants:

As a note, Stardust Collective will be creating their own grant process and program with their own treasury to help build out the ecosystem.

Over the coming months, and as more metagraphs come online, please anticipate that the DTM rewards will slightly decrease to accommodate more applications on the Hypergraph. Over the course of the next year and a half, we aim to completely use up the Data Pool as we will have sufficient frameworks and use cases to help anyone build their business on Constellation. Even though DAG rewards distributed to DTM holders will be depreciating, DTM holders will be eligible for DOR tokens (and future revenue opportunities).

Overview of Dates

  • Currently in security audit for mainnet upgrade, metagraphs, and Data API
  • June 6, 2023 Halvening (see new reward calculation below)
  • June 21, 2023 — Softnodes receive lottery number for queue for IntegrationsNet
  • July 10 — Launch IntegrationsNet
  • July — Metagraph support will move to mainnet
  • July — Data API use cases (on-chain data) on mainnet
  • August — Hypergraph Fees and Block Prioritization release

Thank you!

Benjamin Jorgensen

CEO, Constellation Network, Inc.

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