Construction Technology 2020

Even with the coronavirus raging outside, that hasn’t slowed the progression of construction technology. Society continues to release tech-driven products that will make this sector even better. It will help contractors to save on time and money, and it will impress clients at the same time with excellent products intended to last. Here’s a look at some of the new technology available.

With excellent 3D digital replicas, this app will offer a unique program. Designed and created by Cityzenith, the professionals who made this software designed it for the following projects:

This company provides the world’s leading data visualization platform software, and all the tools were intended to help people design the project they wanted to build. It has been so successful that this software even helped with the building of the Orlando Sports + Entertainment District in Florida, which had an estimated budget of $500 million.

Using artificial intelligence within the software, Sentri360 uses human activity recognition through face mask recognition. In particular, they designed this for keeping people in line with coronavirus. For example, a construction worker comes within 6 feet of another construction worker. They will receive a reminder holding to the protocol so that the virus doesn’t have the opportunity to spread as easily. Using advanced thermal imaging, this technology can also read someone’s temperature.

On the construction site, one thing that leads to injuries happens when a construction worker miscommunicates with someone else or fails to follow the protocol. This has led to severe injuries on the site. Through CrewMinders, communication becomes more effective, and critical health and safety messages can be communicated, which can save lives.

The goal behind this technology has been to improve safety because construction ranks as one of the most dangerous sectors in the United States. In fact, out of every 5,000 fatalities within the workplace, 20 percent comes from the construction industry. The job has become increasingly dangerous during times like this because the coronavirus has made it even riskier for people on the construction site.

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Eric Capolino

Eric Capolino is co-founder and Managing Member of Structure NYC, a general contracting and custom millwork firm he founded with his brother.