Report 3

Site visit: September 13, 2017, Time: 15:00–16:30 hrs

Observations: It was a pleasant surprise to see the construction site active on Wednesday(9/13), even after the heavy rain on Monday(9/11). We were informed by the site engineer that the water was pumped out of the site on Tuesday(9/12) to continue the regular construction activities. The site was fully active on Wednesday(9/13), and works involved installation of formwork, earthwork and MEP related activities. Site engineer Tom Montanye informed us that the concrete pouring would happen on Thursday(9/14) at 3:00 o’clock in the morning.

Photo depicting the level difference in the construction progress

An observation can be made from the photo that the level of the middle section is different from the rest of them. The site was planned to progress at four different levels, but this section was raised separately from the rest, making it five. The section gave enough space for vehicles that installed the crane on construction site. Now contractor has sped up the construction of that particular section to catch up with the rest.

Panels and supports for construction of elevator portion

The pictures above depicts the components that are going to be used for strengthening the elevator section. The steel panel on the left is used to create extra bonding with concrete by placing it upside down to have the rods digging into the concrete. The beams on the right will take the shear load in the portions where lift opens up. These panels and beams add to the strength of the structure.

Clearance for the Levels 3, 4 and 5

On observing the picture above closely, it can be seen that the roof clearance for the lower levels is pretty low. These levels are going to serve as parking decks, and the clearance is 9 and half feet. Tom added that after the installation of HVAC’s the clearance would come down to 7 feet, and hence bigger vehicles like vans are only allowed in the upper two levels in the five level parking system. The constraint in parking clearance had occurred because excavation was getting too costly, so costly that they had to request the blasting group multiple times just to bring the level further down by 4 inches.

The building is equipped with three staircase exits and three elevator spaces. The photos above show a few shafts that are under construction. Staircases are strategically placed in the corners of the building to ease evacuation process in case of emergencies. The site had other formwork and excavation activities going on and labor was distributed accordingly.

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